Engine Oil Pressure Switch – 2003-2016 Subaru

NUMBER: 02-162-15R
DATE: 09/10/15
REVISED: 09/11/15

APPLICABILITY: 2005 – Current MY Legacy and Outback
2008 – Current MY Impreza, WRX, STi and Crosstrek
2003 – Current MY Forester
2006 – 14MY Tribeca
2013 – Current MY BRZ
SUBJECT: Change to Engine Oil Pressure Switch



This Service Information bulletin announces a design change to the oil pressure switch assembly.  Nickel plating has been applied to the internal switch contacts to enhance their durability and reduce the possibility of poor contact which could affect operation or cause improper illumination of the oil pressure warning lamp.  A small pilot portion was added to the threaded area on p.n. 25240KA051 as shown in the illustration below.


Driver Controlled Center Differential (DCCD) Control Module – 2015 Subaru WRX STI

NUMBER: 03-75-15
DATE: 09/09/15

SUBJECT: Change to Driver Controlled Center Differential (DCCD) Control Module



This bulletin announces a change to the DCCD control module to prevent unnecessary illumination of the DCCD warning light.  The logic in the DCCD module can detect differences in tire circumference due to tire size / wear inconsistencies.  On some 2015 MY vehicles, this logic was too sensitive and could cause false illumination of the DCCD warning light.

Warning Lamp Indicator


Reprogramming File Availability to Improve Bluetooth Pairing – 2014-2015 Subaru Forester

NUMBER: 15-186-15R
DATE: 09/08/15
REVISED: 02/24/16

APPLICABILITY: 2014-15MY Forester Models with Clarion Audio
SUBJECT: Reprogramming File Availability to Improve Bluetooth Pairing



This bulletin announces reprogramming file availability and a corresponding installation procedure which will allow Bluetooth pairing to be completed successfully when using voice commands on the Clarion audio units listed below.  Pairing of phones using voice recognition is the preferred method on these Clarion audio units.  See bulletin 15-185-15 for additional details on using voice recognition to pair phones to Clarion audio units.  The procedure will involve downloading the applicable update file from Subarunet then loading it onto a flash drive for installation.


WQT-55 – Occupant Detection System (ODS) Occupant Control Unit (OCU) – 2012 Subaru Impreza




Subaru of America, Inc. (Subaru) is recalling certain 2012 model year Subaru Impreza 4-Door and Station Wagon vehicles (except WRX/STI models) manufactured April 21, 2011, to February 16, 2012.

In the affected vehicles, the Occupant Detection System (ODS) may deactivate if a front seat passenger operates a device that is plugged into the power outlet such as a music player or cell phone, or touches a metal part of the vehicle such as the forward/rearward seat adjuster lever.


Cellular Phone Pairing to Clarion Audio Units – 2012-2015 Subaru

NUMBER: 15-185-15R
DATE: 08/24/15
REVISED: 09/08/15

APPLICABILITY: 2012-14MY Legacy and Outback
2012-15MY Forester Models
2013-14MY XV Crosstrek Models
2012-15MYWRX and STi Models
2012-14MY Impreza Models
SUBJECT: Cellular Phone Pairing to Clarion Audio Units



This Service Information bulletin is intended to provide helpful insight to use when responding to customer inquiries involving the pairing and use of cellular phones with Clarion audio units.  This includes customer concerns where the phone will not automatically pair itself but instead requires manual phone selection on the audio unit to allow pairing to proceed.