Exchange Component Identification and Procedures – 2009 Subaru

NUMBER: 15-133-08R
DATE: 01/07/09
REVISED: 02/11/15

APPLICABILITY: 2009MY Subaru Vehicles
SUBJECT: 2009 Exchange Component Identification and Procedures



This bulletin contains illustrations of exchange components and their manufacturer as well as a description of the proper exchange procedure. The exchange program policy can also be found in Section 8.4.9 of your CDS Policies and Procedures Manual.


Rubbing Sound from D-Pillar Trim – 2015 Subaru Outback

NUMBER: 12-179-15
DATE: 02-04-15

APPLICABILITY: 2015MY Outback Models with Power Rear Gate (PRG)
SUBJECT: Rubbing Sound from D-Pillar Trim



This bulletin announces a design change made to the rubber dust boot portion of the D-Pillar trim panel to eliminate a rubbing or squeaking sound condition which may occur when operating the PRG.


Navigation Hardware Replacement Program (Aha upgrade) – 2013 Subaru Legacy & Outback

Customer Satisfaction – Navigation Hardware Replacement Program (Aha upgrade)



Subaru owners of  2013MY Legacy or 2013MY Outback vehicles equipped with factory navigation manufactured before  the running production change which added Aha Radio application display capability (vehicles produced before January 18, 2013) are eligible to update their navigation system hardware at a Subaru dealer from now until the December 31, 2013.


Hood Latch and Striker Mounting Bolt Change – 2010-2014 Subaru Legacy & Outback

NUMBER: 12-178-15
DATE: 01-30-15


APPLICABILITY: 2010-14MY Legacy and Outback
SUBJECT: Hood Latch and Striker Mounting Bolt Change



This Service Information bulletin announces a change to the appearance of the hood latch and striker mounting bolts.  The original bolts had a black-colored finish while the new bolts are silver in color.

There is no change to the shape or strength of the bolts.


Reprogramming File Availability for Extended Engine Cranking (Delayed Starting) and Engine Oil Level Detection Improvement – 2015 Subaru Impreza

NUMBER: 11-155-15R
DATE: 01-26-15
REVISED: 04-05-16

APPLICABILITY: 2015MY Impreza 2.0L Models and XV Crosstrek
SUBJECT: Reprogramming File Availability for Extended Engine Cranking (Delayed Starting) and Engine Oil Level Detection Improvement



This bulletin announces availability of reprogramming files to address customer concerns of extended cranking time before the engine starts.  These files also optimize the ECM for improved engine oil level detection.