Clock Time Will Not Adjust or Displays Dashes – 2015 Subaru Legacy & Outback with Fujitsu Ten (F10)

NUMBER: 15-174-14
DATE: 08/07/14


APPLICABILITY: 2015MY Legacy and Outback Models with Fujitsu Ten (F10) Navigation / Audio System
SUBJECT: Clock Time Will Not Adjust or Displays Dashes



This Service Information outlines a procedure to address a customer concern of either the clock display time adjustment buttons do not work or 3 “dashes” appear when they are pressed.  The concern may also be that the displayed time cannot be adjusted when using the “+” or “-“ buttons.  These concerns can be addressed with a customizable setting function of the Navigation / Audio system.

+ / - buttons


“Gen 2” & “Gen 2.1” Operating Tips – 2015-2017 Subaru with Fujitsu TEN (F10)

NUMBER: 15-177-14R
DATE: 10/16/14
REVISED: 05/18/16


APPLICABILITY: All 2015-17MY Vehicles with Fujitsu TEN (F10) 7in. Multimedia Navigation (AVN) & Display Audio Units
SUBJECT: “Gen 2” & “Gen 2.1” Operating Tips



This bulletin provides information to help diagnose and address different conditions relating to customer concerns which may arise when operating the new-generation “Gen 2” and “Gen 2.1” F10 Navigation and Display Audio systems. We will continue to add more helpful tips to this TSB as they become available.


Audio Volume Level Drops While Driving – 2014-2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid (HEV)

NUMBER: 15-176-14R
DATE: 10/15/14
REVISED: 03/30/15


APPLICABILITY: 2014-15MY XV Crosstrek Hybrid (HEV) Models with Fujitsu-Ten (F10) SD Navigation / Audio System
SUBJECT: Audio Volume Level Drops While Driving



This bulletin provides a service procedure to address a customer concern of the audio volume level decreasing when slowing the vehicle from speeds above 25 mph by applying the brake.  The condition occurs when listening to an FM radio station that is exhibiting poor to moderate reception.  The cause is radio frequency (RF) “noise” coming from one of the HEV components located under the trunk floor intermixing with the weak radio signal and causing the automatic speed volume control function of the audio unit to activate in error.


Replacement AT Oil Cooler Piping – 2008-2013 Subaru

NUMBER: 16-92-14
DATE: 09/02/14

APPLICABILITY: 2009-13MY Forester AT Models
2008-2011MY Impreza AT Models
SUBJECT: Replacement AT Oil Cooler Piping



This bulletin will provide information regarding a change to the automatic transmission (AT) fluid cooler piping and an addition to the service procedure used during their replacement.  The cooler piping located adjacent to the radiator may become damaged by corrosion resulting from road salt and / or salt water accumulation.  The new replacement piping has a double-thick Teflon coating applied to prevent corrosion damage.  Installation of additional foam packing in the area near the radiator fan will also help to minimize water intrusion.


Engine Oil Consumption – 2013-2015 Subaru

NUMBER: 02-157-14R
DATE: 08/28/14
REVISED: 11/21/16


APPLICABILITY: 2013-14MY Legacy and Outback Models with 2.5L FB Engines
2011-14MY Forester Models with 2.5L FB Engines
2015 MY Forester (Manual Transmissions Only) with 2.5L FB Engines
2012-13 MY Impreza and XV Crosstrek Models with 2.0 FB Engines
2014-15 MY Impreza and XV Crosstrek Models (Manual Transmissions Only) with 2.0 FB Engines
SUBJECT: Engine Oil Consumption



As part of our dedication to customer satisfaction, Subaru of America, Inc. is initiating a program to extend the original New Car Powertrain Limited Warranty coverage for excessive engine oil consumption on applicable vehicles to 8 years / 100,000 miles from the original warranty start date.  This Warranty Extension will not cover any excessive engine oil consumption found to be a result of any condition(s) other than those specifically described in this bulletin.