Power Steering Hose – New Style – 2000-2002 Subaru Legacy & Outback

NUMBER: 04-11-04
DATE: 01/15/04

APPLICABILITY: 2000~2002MY Legacy Sedan, Wagon and Outback Vehicles w/ 2.5L Engines
SUBJECT: Power Steering Hose – New Style



The purpose of this bulletin is to address an abnormal noise (groan) coming from the power steering pump and/or slight vibration in the steering wheel when turning at very low speeds.


Turbocharger Oil Supply Mesh Screen – Subaru All Turbo Equipped Vehicles

NUMBER: 02-103-07R
DATE: 10/29/07

APPLICABILITY: All Turbo Equipped Vehicles
SUBJECT: Turbocharger Oil Supply Mesh Screen



This bulletin is for informational purposes only.

Turbocharged engines require proper maintenance especially when the vehicle is used under severe driving conditions, such as moderate to hard acceleration and engine braking on a somewhat regular basis.

In any case, it is recommended that the engine oil and filter be changed every 3,750 miles (6,000 km) or 3-3/4 months.


Legacy Steering Wheel Noise – 2007 Subaru Legacy/Outback

NUMBER: 04-12-07
DATE: 05/07/07

APPLICABILITY: 2007MY Legacy/Outback Sedan and Wagon
SUBJECT: Legacy Steering Wheel Noise



If you encounter a customer complaint that there is a rubbing or scraping type noise coming from the steering wheel while turning, the steering column cover may be rubbing against the steering wheel.

In lieu of replacing the steering column, the steering column cover mounting bracket can be modified to eliminate the noise.


Intercooler/Intake Air Duct – 2008-2014 Subaru

NUMBER: 02-155-14R
DATE: 04/17/14
REVISED: 10/10/14


APPLICABILITY: 2005-12MY Legacy and Outback Turbo
2009-13MY Forester Turbo
2008-14MY Impreza WRX
SUBJECT: Intercooler/Intake Air Duct



This bulletin announces availability of a revised replacement air intake duct for the turbocharged vehicles specified above. If the insulator portion of the duct begins to separate from the duct and leak boost pressure, increased sound levels and a loss of power can result. The revised air intake duct has the insulator portions glued in place to prevent their separation.