TIPS_SE_April2023_2 – Interactive and Retrievable Diagnostic Service Manuals (ISM) (Special Edition)


Interactive and Retrievable Diagnostic Service Manuals (ISM)

Subaru of America, Inc. is pleased to introduce Interactive and Retrievable Diagnostic Service Manuals (ISM) as a new feature at upcoming model changeovers.  The first such manual will be integrated with the 2024 Crosstrek and Impreza online manuals in the Subaru Technical Information System (STIS).

The new features in the manual look and flow the same as the current version but incorporate several helpful features such as:

  • The ability to communicate with the vehicle to retrieve basic vehicle information such as VIN and mileage and requested parameter ID data (PID data) while working through the trouble tree.
  • The ability to save and store all responses in fault tracing sessions along with the ability to search and recall those sessions for future reference if needed.
  • The ability to transmit saved sessions directly to the Subaru Technical Helpline to assist in fault tracing.

These features are only visible for a Subarunet retailer job role of Service Technician (DEALER_SERVICE _TECHNICIAN) at an assigned retailer.  Other job titles will only see the static trouble trees but will be able to view saved sessions. Those with interactive access can still see the static view by clicking the PRINT button in the service manual menu. The print function should be used if not actively fault tracing a vehicle to avoid storing inaccurate or unwanted sessions. The ISM functions work by connecting through SSM4, so accessing the ISM through an SDS laptop is required.  Certain other requirements with SSM4 also need to be met to allow this communication.

First, some basics apply as with all SSM4 communication. Connection to the SDS network is also required. The vehicle and laptop must be ON and connected to each other. SSM4, when displaying certain menus, attempts to communicate continuously with the vehicle. Because of this, only particular menus can be open.  That, along with other basic conditions being met, will allow the ISM to communicate.  They are:


  • SSM4 must have been running prior to attempting ISM communication. To clarify, a laptop restart will require SSM4 to have been opened at least once prior for this condition to be met. SSM4 does not need to be open during ISM communication but must have been running at least once prior to the ISM communication attempt.  Opening SSM4 causes an applet subroutine called IIS to become active on the laptop.  This applet is required for ISM communication.
  • Only certain menus allow ISM communication while SSM4 is open. See figures 1-9 below for specific menu functionality. It is highly recommended to read DTCs from the Each System  – DTC results menu. Then click on any linkable DTC retrieved to access the ISM trouble tree for that DTC after the data has been saved.
  • Other than the specific menus indicated below, it can be assumed that the ISM will not be able to communicate when any other menu is open. This includes the Start, All DTC, Data Monitor, Cancel Code, Active Test, and Work Support function menus and other sub-menus.
  • Figures 1 through 8 below show various SSM4 menus and their ability (or not) to allow ISM communication.

To retrieve saved sessions, use the Search Troubleshooting Sessions button found in the Service Diagnostics menu of STIS [Figure A].  Use the search menu [Figure B] to filter the search.  Results will reappear in the ISM as they were entered and saved.  Results cannot be edited once a resolution is found and saved, but partially completed/saved results can be resumed. Modifying any previously entered responses will delete any subsequent entries in the trouble tree.


The vehicle CAN communicate with the ISM from Start Diagnosis menu BEFORE clicking OK.


The vehicle CANNOT communicate with the ISM from the Vehicle – Main or any OBD System menu.


The vehicle CAN communicate with the ISM from the Target Each System menu BEFORE entering an individual system.


The vehicle CANNOT communicate with the ISM from any System [individual] (any, ECM, TCM, etc.) main menu.


The vehicle CAN communicate with the ISM from this menu after saving DTC/FFD info by clicking Save.


It is RECOMMENDED to communicate with the ISM from the DTC Results menu by clicking the hyperlinked DTC and following the ISM trouble tree for that fault. STIS will open to the proper trouble tree.


If unable to communicate with ISM as illustrated in Figure 6, click the Stop DTC button and try again.


If trying to return to the Each system menu from other functions (a Data Monitor function, for example) click on the Target Each System menu button and save data if requested, before attempting to communicate using the ISM. This returns to [Figure 3] status.


When the ISM is attempting to communicate, the screen will darken slightly and the communication circle will spin until the data is retrieved. If this is not visible for at least a short amount of time, the IIS function is not active.  To correct this the laptop must be restarted and SSM4 must be opened and then closed, or opened to one of the acceptable menus listed above.

Also make note of the Print button to view a static version of the trouble tree.


NHTSA ID Number: 10237259

Manufacturer Communication Number: SubaruTech Tips


Subaru Service and Technical Support Line Newsletter. (Special Edition 2)


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TIPS_SE_April2023_2 – Interactive and Retrievable Diagnostic Service Manuals (ISM) (Special Edition)

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LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner Touch PRO Elite- 2023 New Scan Tool with 20 Resets Injector Coding SAS EBP BMS ABS B leeding Throttle Adaptation Car Scanner,All System Diagnostic Tool,Auto VIN,Free Update
  • 👍【✅2023 New Elite Version, ✅More Faster, More Smart, More Wider Regional vehicle coverage,Update Version of CRP129X /CRP123X /CRP129】Launch touch pro elite obd2 scanner Add More Functions,No Extra Software Fee ➤With the same cost,Add New 20 Resets➤Full system diagnoses➤2 Years FREE WIFI UPDATE➤a larger 5” touchable HD 720P Screen➤Android 7.0,16G memory, 6100mAh rechargeable battery➤AutoVIN ➤Automatic print diagnostic report via Email Share➤online Google Search DTC. SAVE AT LEAST $3000 PER YEAR
  • 👍【20 Hot Reset Services +One to One Technical feedback and Support】LAUNCH CRP TOUCH PRO scan tool, built with large 5" touch HD screen, this LAUNCH scan tool features 20 Reset Functions: SAS Service, EPB Service, BMS Reset, Throttle Adaptation and ABS B leeding, TPMS Reset, IMMO,Injector Coding,BMS, D P F Regeneration, AC Reset,TYPE Reset, SEAT Reset, HVOLBAT, ENGPBM, GPF Reset, E G R Reset. Send VIN number to 📩launch-aftersales @ outlook. com📩 to check compatibility before purchase!
  • 👍【All System Diagnostic Tool for 10000+ Car Models】LAUNCH Scanner diagnostic scanner allows you to diagnose on all available vehicle modules including: Engine, Transmission, Airbag, ABS, ESP, TPMS, IMMO, Gateway, Steering, Radio, etc. to pinpoint the issue by reading codes, real-time live data and ECU info, to resolve the problem by clearing codes. It works on 45+ mainstream car brands and 10000+ car models. *LAUNCH will weekly update the vehicle software list.
  • 👍【One Click Online Free Update + AutoVin + Diagnostic Report】This launch scan tool can do ➤ Save the historical DIAGNOSTIC REPORT. ➤RECORD AND REPLAY the data flow for better analysis. ➤ REAL-TIME BATTERY VOLTAGE graphing helps to judge the state of the battery. ➤ ONE-CLICK WIFI UPDATE without IP limited. ➤ BUILT-IN DTC LOOKUP library finds the related code definitions. ➤ DIAGNOSTIC FEEDBACK gets the professional guidance from LAUNCH based on the cloud server.📩launch-aftersales📩
  • 👍【2023 Best Advanced Hareware + Full OBD2 Functions】LAUNCH scanner for car is equipped with ➤5-inch LCD touchscreen (a bigger, brighter Screen, let you “deep dive” into Tons of live data PIDs.), ➤6100mAh built-in rechargeable battery (longer battery life, longer running and standby time),and ➤32 GB storage capacity. Driven by 4-core 1.5 GHz processor, ➤Android O.S 7.0, to let you diagnose vehicles successfully in seconds. This obd2 scanner is compatible with OBDII, EOBD and JOBD protocols.

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