Procedures for Updating the Head Unit Operating Software – 2015-2016 Subaru

 NUMBER: 15-182-15R
REVISED: 08/11/15

APPLICABILITY: 2015MY Legacy, Outback, Impreza & XV Crosstrek
2016MY WRX
Models with Fujitsu-Ten (F10) Navigation System
SUBJECT: Procedures for Updating the Head Unit Operating Software


This bulletin announces a procedure for updating the navigation / audio unit’s operating system software. The following list of symptoms and related changes provides a brief description of which customer concerns the updates are intended to address.  If the reported customer concern is not identified in the following information, performing the update procedure will not address it.  It is important to read through and understand this information completely before proceeding.


Rattling Sound from Seat Belt Buckle – 2013-2014 Subaru BRZ

NUMBER: 12-156-13
DATE: 10/08/13

SUBJECT: Rattling Sound from Seat Belt Buckle



This bulletin provides a repair procedure to address customer concerns of a rattling sound coming from the point where the seat belt buckle is attached to the seat frame.  The sound may be heard from either seat on acceleration, deceleration or going over bumps.  The sound is more prevalent when the seat belt is buckled but in rare cases, can occur when the belt is unbuckled. The service procedure involves removal of a toothed washer and replacing it with a spring wave washer.


Countermeasures for Frozen Power Windows – 2013-2014 Subaru BRZ

NUMBER: 07-79-13R
DATE: 10/30/13
REVISED: 01/28/14

SUBJECT: Countermeasures for Frozen Power Windows



This bulletin provides information for 3 countermeasures to address concerns regarding power window operation during cold weather when the door glass may become frozen to the outer weatherstrip.  The customer complaint(s) may be: the indexing feature (door glass drops slightly when opening door) was inoperative, window(s) were inoperative, or the window switches were blinking (indicates a need to reset the index function).

  • A revised, hallow-type outer weatherstrip is used if the nap (fuzzy) portion has been pulled away from the rubber after freezing to the outside of the door glass.
  • A change has been made to both of the power window switches which decreases the distance (stroke) of when the door glass lowers from 20mm to 10mm during the indexing function. The indexing function is controlled by an input from the outer door handle to the BIU which lowers the door glass slightly to clear the drip rail.
  • A change has been made to “guide door lifter” to prevent a rattling noise which may occur as a result of the decreased index function door glass stroke.

NOTE:  See the Appendix at the end of this bulletin for information on resetting the indexing function should it become inoperative.


Vibration Sound from High-Mount Stop Lamp Assembly – 2013-2014 Subaru BRZ

NUMBER: 07-86-14
DATE: 07/07/14

SUBJECT: Vibration Sound from High-Mount Stop Lamp Assembly



This bulletin announces the availability of a new high-mount stop lamp assembly designed to address a customer concern of a vibration-type sound which may be heard while driving.  Non-woven fabric material was added to eliminate the sound.


Initialization Procedure for Power Rear Gate (PRG) System – 2014 Subaru Forester

NUMBER: 07-76-13R
DATE: 07/01/13
REVISED: 07/08/13


APPLICABILITY: 2014MY Forester Models
SUBJECT: Initialization Procedure for Power Rear Gate (PRG) System when PRG is inoperative with or without DTCs

DTCs B2500, B2501, B2507, B2508, B2509, B2513, B2523, B250B present.



This Bulletin provides a more detailed review of the procedures for re-initializing the PRG system which is already outlined as part of the Service Manual diagnostics.  If you receive a customer concern of an inoperative power rear gate, after confirmation of the concern, perform the following initialization procedures first to see if normal operation can be restored.  It is important to do this before further troubleshooting is done or replacing any suspected components as this condition may not be the result of a component failure.