WUM-98 – Occupant Detection System – 2015-2018 Subaru Forester

October 3, 2019 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 19V701000

Occupant Detection System May Deactivate Airbag

If the connection loosens, the front passenger airbag may deactivate even though the seat is occupied, increasing the risk of injury to the front passenger in the event of a crash.


NHTSA Campaign Number: 19V701

Manufacturer Subaru of America, Inc.

Components AIR BAGS

Potential Number of Units Affected 366,282



Subaru of America, Inc. (Subaru) is recalling certain 2015-2018 Forester vehicles equipped with heated seats. An electrical connection in the front passenger seat for the Occupant Detection System (ODS) may loosen.


DTC P2610 – New ECM Availability – 2015-2019 Subaru

NHTSA ID Number: 10164182

Manufacturer Communication Number: 11-191-19R


This bulletin announces availability of a new Engine Control Module (ECM) for the models listed above designed to address DTC P2610: “ECM/PCM ENGINE OFF TIMER PERFORMANCE”. Under certain RARE conditions, an electrostatic surge may influence the ECM’s internal timer used after the engine is turned off and store a DTC P2610 in memory. Hardware in the ECM has been changed to eliminate any impact from electrostatic surges.


DTC P0C79 – Revised Diagnostics – 2014-2015 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid (HEV)

NHTSA ID Number: 10164183

Manufacturer Communication Number: 16-114-18R


This Service Information bulletin provides revised diagnostics to follow when troubleshooting a DTC P0C79, “Drive Motor “A” Inverter Voltage Too High”.


Air Conditioning System Compressor Oil – 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid

NHTSA ID Number: 10164188

Manufacturer Communication Number: SubaruAnnounceme


“Authorized Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid Retailers who participated in the Mahle R-134A Hybrid AC unit and manual oil injector purchase program were shipped the incorrect type of compressor oil.

The Crosstrek Hybrid utilizes the same R-134a refrigerant as most all Subaru models built since 1994. While the refrigerant is commonly used, the compressor oil for the Crosstrek Hybrid is a special non-conductive POE electronic compressor oil.”


Battery Ground Cable Disconnection Procedure – 2019 Subaru Crosstrek

NHTSA ID Number: 10164189

Manufacturer Communication Number: 07-159-19


This Service Information bulletin provides a VERY IMPORTANT procedure to follow when disconnecting the Negative/Ground (-) battery cable. The Crosstrek PHEV utilizes a special battery sensor between the eye terminal end of the cable and the battery post.