TKB-19 – Passenger Frontal Air Bag Inflator May Explode – 2010-2014 Subaru

January 9, 2019 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 19V008000

Passenger Frontal Air Bag Inflator May Explode

An explosion of an inflator within the passenger frontal air bag module may result in sharp metal fragments striking the front seat passenger, driver or other occupants resulting in serious injury or death.


NHTSA Campaign Number: 19V008

Manufacturer Subaru of America, Inc.

Components AIR BAGS

Potential Number of Units Affected 330,120



Subaru of America, Inc. (Subaru) is recalling certain 2010-2014 Tribeca, WRX, Outback, and Legacy vehicles, 2010-2011 Impreza vehicles and 2010-2013 Forester vehicles sold, or ever registered, in the states of Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

These vehicles are equipped with certain air bag inflators assembled as part of the passenger frontal air bag modules used as original equipment or replacement equipment. In the event of a crash necessitating deployment of the passenger frontal air bag, these inflators may explode due to propellant degradation occurring after long-term exposure to absolute humidity and temperature cycling.



Subaru is notifying owners, and dealers will replace the front passenger air bag inflator, free of charge. The recall began January 25, 2019. Owners may contact Subaru customer service at 1-844-373-6614. Subaru’s number for this recall is TKB-19.



Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to


Check if your Subaru has a Recall

DATE: 01/14/19
REVISED: 04/10/19
NHTSA ID: 19V-007

APPLICABILITY: 2010-2014 MY Legacy
2010-2014 MY Outback
2010-2013 MY Forester
2010-2014 MY Tribeca
2010-2014 MY Tribeca
2010-2014 MY WRX and STI
SUBJECT: Takata Front Passenger Airbag Module / Inflator Replacement (2019 Calendar year expansion)


SUBARU OF AMERICA, INC. has determined that a defect, which relates to motor vehicle safety, exists in certain Subaru vehicles listed above, equipped with a non-desiccated Takata-sourced  passenger side frontal airbag containing the propellant Phase Stabilized Ammonium Nitrate (PSAN).

This phase of the Takata recall expansion includes all remaining vehicles equipped with a  non-desiccated Takata-sourced passenger side frontal air bag containing the propellant PSAN.



The affected vehicles are equipped with a Takata-sourced passenger side frontal airbag that may be susceptible to moisture intrusion.  Over time, that could cause the inflator to rupture when the  passenger’s frontal airbag deploys in a crash.  If the inflator ruptures, metal fragments could strike vehicle occupants, potentially resulting in serious injury or death.



The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is expanding and prioritizing the recalls of all non-desiccated Takata-sourced passenger side Takata airbag inflators based on the risk of injury or death to vehicle occupants.

The combination of time, high temperature fluctuations, and humidity contribute to the degradation of the propellant in the inflators. Therefore, NHTSA is prioritizing the Takata recalls by age and location of the vehicles. To do so, NHTSA has established three geographical Zones – A, B, and C – based on the level of heat and humidity as listed below:

This phase of the Takata recall expansion includes all remaining vehicles equipped with a  non-desiccated Takata-sourced passenger side frontal air bag containing the propellant PSAN:

  • Zone A vehicles – (Recall code TKA-19)
  • Zone B vehicles – (Recall code TKB-19)
  • Zone C vehicles – (Recall code TKC-19)

Future phases of the Takata recalls will be implemented in the year 2020 to include vehicles previously repaired with non-desiccated PSAN inflators.



Subaru will replace either the inflator for the front passenger airbag or the airbag module assembly at no cost to the customer.



Owner notification is expected to begin this month and will be phased throughout the next 60 days. Listed below is the current mailing plan:

  • The first release will include all TKA-19 vehicles, and all TKB-19 & TKC-19 Tribeca vehicles. Those vehicles will be identified with an “Open” status in the Coverage Inquiry on subarunet.
  • Subsequent biweekly releases will include the remaining TKB-19 and TKC-19 vehicles. Those vehicles will be identified with a status of “Open – Pending Phased Mailing” until all official owner notification letters have been released.

The “Open – Pending Phased Mailing” status is not intended to discourage retailers from scheduling these repairs and will not affect the retailers’ ability to file a claim for repairs performed prior to the official owner notification.



Listed below are the models affected by this phase of the Takata recall expansion. Not all vehicles within these ranges are affected by this phase of the Takata recall, since some of the vehicles within these ranges have already been affected by previous Takata recalls. Therefore, coverage must be  confirmed by using the Vehicle Coverage Inquiry function on Coverage information will be available prior to owner notification.

Recall Code TKA-19 (NHTSA ID 19V-007) – Zone A   All remaining vehicles:

Recall Code TKB-19 (NHTSA ID 19V-008) – Zone B   All remaining vehicles:

Recall Code TKC-19 (NHTSA ID 19V-009) – Zone C   All remaining vehicles:



Each Subaru retailer will receive an affected VIN list from their Zone office when owner notification begins. Vehicles will be assigned to retailers in the affected VIN list as follows:

  • Original vehicle owners are assigned to the original selling retailer when their current address is within a 100-mile radius of that retailer.
  • If the original selling retailer is inactive, the VIN has been assigned to the nearest active retailer.
  • For any new owners or when original owners live more than 100 miles from the original selling retailer, the VIN has been assigned to the nearest active retailer.

IMPORTANT:  Retailer affected VIN lists include owner name and address information for  vehicles affected by this recall.  This information will enable retailers to follow-up with owners of potentially affected vehicles.  The lists contain owners’ names and addresses obtained from State Motor Vehicle Registration Records.  The use of such motor vehicle registration data for any other purpose is unlawful.  Accordingly, retailers are urged to limit the use of these lists for the purpose of completion of this safety recall.



Any vehicles listed in a recall/campaign that are in retailer stock must be:

  • Immediately identified.
  • Tagged or otherwise marked to prevent their delivery or use prior to inspection and/or repair.
  • Repaired in accordance with the repair procedures outlined in this Product Campaign

Retailers are to promptly perform the applicable service procedures to correct all affected vehicles  in their inventory (used, demo & SSLP) for which parts are available to complete this recall.  Additionally, whenever a vehicle subject to this recall is taken into retailer inventory, or in for  service, necessary steps should be taken to ensure the recall correction has been made before selling or releasing the vehicle, provided that parts are available to complete this recall.


The parts required for this recall are the passenger airbag inflator kits or modules listed below.

Until sufficient parts supply is available for Subaru to re-notify owners, recall coverage status for  the affected vehicles will show as “Open-Limited Parts Available.” Limited parts supply will  become available prior to owner re-notification therefore, this status is not intended to discourage scheduling these repairs and will not affect the retailer’s ability to file a claim for repairs performed prior to owner re-notification.

Airbag Module Part Number Inflator Kit
Part Number
Applicability / Description Order  Quantity
98279SC05B NO LONGER AVAILABLE Forester (2010-2013) 1
98279FG07B NO LONGER AVAILABLE Impreza (2010-2011) 1
WRX and STI (2010-2014)
98279AJ06A NO LONGER AVAILABLE Legacy (2010-2014) 1
Outback (2010-2014)
N/A 98279XA02A Tribeca (2009-2014) 1

As a reminder, if a customer requests a loaner car, retailers should make every effort to comply with this request and follow normal warranty procedures to obtain reimbursement for the loaner car. See Section 8.4.7 of the Claims Policies and Procedures Manual on for details on rental authorizations.



Please review the ‘Inflator/Module Return’ instructions included as ‘Appendix A’ of this bulletin carefully.

  • A company called Takata XPO will arrange pick up of the removed inflators/modules and return them to Takata.
  • FedEx will no longer handle the return shipments as with previously issued Takata recalls. However, if you do not have a large amount of inflators/modules to pick up, you may be directed to use FedEx for return. Please follow the instructions given to you by Takata XPO.
  • Once a month or upon accumulating 200 kits for return (whichever comes first), please call Takata XPO at 1-877-650-3476 for pick up. Please see step 6 (on pg. 30) of the return instructions.
  • If you continue to receive inventory of inflators with the original FedEx documentation, please follow the instructions in step 4b. of the new ‘Inflator Returns’ instructions.  DO NOT CALL FEDEX.
  • Upon claim approval and where applicable, Subaru of America, Inc. will generate a Part Return Notice requesting the old and new inflator serial number information only. DO NOT



  • IMPORTANT: Each removed airbag inflator/module must be returned directly to the supplier, Takata USA, in the same box in which the new one was received.

The shipping box contains a bar code label, which will be used by Takata USA to document the replacement of the old inflator/module with the new inflator/module. Therefore, it is very important for the removed inflator/module be returned in the exact same box which contained the newly installed inflator/module for that vehicle. If the original box cannot be re-used, please refer to the shipping instructions under “Requesting a new box/ shipping labels.”

  • IMPORTANT: When affixing the shipping label to the Shipping Box do not obstruct the bar code label.
  • A completed SOA Warranty Parts Tag (MSA5W402A) must be attached to the returned inflator/module. The tag must contain the following information: claim number, repair date, full 17-digit VIN, and mileage.



IMPORTANT NOTE: The following information is applicable to SOA and Subaru Distributors Corporation (SDC) retailers ONLYSubaru New England (SNE) retailers will continue to follow the procedures currently in place as supplied below.

All SOA and SDC retailers are required to enter BOTH the newly-installed (replacement) and the removed (original) serial numbers for the airbag inflator (or module assembly) into the supplied fields as shown in the screen shot below. Claims will not receive an “Approved” status without the serial number information being entered in the appropriate fields in the Recall Claim Entry system. As a result of adding these new required entry fields, Part Return Notices will no longer be generated.

The information below is applicable to SNE retailers only:

  • Upon claim approval and where applicable, Subaru of America, Inc. will generate a Part Return Notice requesting information only.
  • To ensure proper claim credit where applicable, the old and new inflator/module serial numbers must be recorded on the Part Return Notice and sent to SOA Part Collection Center (PCC) as instructed on the return notice.
  • Where applicable, the completed Part Return Notice should then be sent using the YRC web portal and utilizing the “Ship Small Parcel” link which will direct the user to the appropriate UPS web page application to complete the shipment. Please keep the UPS tracking number for your records.

Under no circumstances should any airbag inflators or modules be sent to Subaru of America, Inc.



This Campaign involves the replacement of the inflator portion of the passenger-side front airbag assembly or the complete module assembly. The subject inflators/modules could have been assembled with improperly manufactured propellant components which may affect how the assembly inflates in the event of a collision resulting in an increased risk of injury to vehicle occupants.  This procedure will outline removal of the passenger-side airbag assembly and replacement of either the inflator component and related wiring harness or, the complete module assembly.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Failure to follow these service procedures carefully and correctly may result in an accidental deployment of the inflator and potentially cause serious injury.  Please read through and understand these procedures COMPLETELY before beginning repairs.  In addition, proper operation of the airbag after reassembly may be compromised if these service procedures are not followed.

As additional service procedures are developed for the other models affected by the expansion and implementation of this recall campaign, they will be added to this document and also made available on STIS.

26 Affected Products


SUBARU WRX 2010-2014

14 Associated Documents

Recall Acknowledgement

RCAK-19V008-5452.pdf 245.305KB

Download (PDF, 240KB)

Manufacturer Notices(to Dealers,etc)- Date: January 11, 2019 Subject: Takata Recall Expansion – New Subaru Recalls TKA-19, TKB-19, TKC-19

RCMN-19V008-0216.pdf 556.98KB

Download (PDF, 544KB)

Manufacturer Notices(to Dealers,etc)- Subject: Owner Notification Schedule – Takata Recall Expansion TKA-19, TKB-19, TKC-19

RCMN-19V008-0192.pdf 148.964KB

Download (PDF, 145KB)

ISSUED Owner Notification Letter(Part 577)- February 2019

RCONL-19V008-3595.pdf 210.642KB

Download (PDF, 206KB)

Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-19V008-3701.pdf 5583.104KB

Download (PDF, 5.32MB)

Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-19V008-7120.pdf 5560.664KB

Download (PDF, 5.3MB)

Defect Notice 573 Report

RCLRPT-19V008-8831.PDF 224.47KB

Download (PDF, 219KB)

ISSUED Owner Notification Letter(Part 577)

RCONL-19V008-5340.pdf 210.616KB

Download (PDF, 206KB)

Recall Quarterly Report #1, 2019-1

RCLQRT-19V008-7804.PDF 211.163KB

Download (PDF, 206KB)

Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-19V008-7207.pdf 4345.684KB

Download (PDF, 4.14MB)

ISSUED Owner Notification Letter(Part 577)- March 1, 2019

RCONL-19V008-0295.pdf 210.616KB

Download (PDF, 206KB)

ISSUED Owner Notification Letter(Part 577)- 2010-2014 Legacy, Outback, Tribeca, and WRX (including STI), 2010-2013 Forester, and 2010-2011 Impreza

RCONL-19V008-5498.pdf 210.791KB

Download (PDF, 206KB)

ISSUED Owner Notification Letter(Part 577)- 2010-2014 Legacy, Outback, Tribeca, and WRX (including STI), 2010-2013 Forester, and 2010-2011 Impreza

RCONL-19V008-8531.pdf 210.575KB

Download (PDF, 206KB)

Manufacturer Notices(to Dealers,etc)- Subject: XPO Logistics – Takata Recall Parts Returns

RCMN-19V008-9358.pdf 100.917KB

Download (PDF, 99KB)

1 Associated Investigation

Air Bag Inflator Rupture
Dated opened: February 24, 2015

The Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) opened PE14-016 in June 2014 based on six inflator rupture incidents involving consumer owned vehicles produced by five vehicle manufacturers. All six vehicles were operated in Florida or Puerto Rico at the time of the rupture and for the majority of their service life, and were equipped with inflators produced by Takata, a tier-one supplier of automotive air bag systems.

During the course of PE14-016, ODI determined that five additional vehicle manufacturers used inflators of a similar design and vintage also supplied by Takata. No evidence of field failures was found in vehicles produced by these five additional manufacturers. Nonetheless, at ODI’s insistence, all 10 vehicle manufacturers initiated a regional recall within approximately two weeks of the opening of the investigation. The regions recalled initially included Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, areas with high absolute humidity and climatic conditions believed to be a significant factor in the inflator ruptures. As part of the recall actions, inflators removed from remedied vehicles are to be returned to Takata for testing.

Takata’s initial test results on passenger inflators from remedied vehicles indicated a much higher than anticipated rupture frequency for inflators returned from Florida. Accordingly ODI requested all 10 manufacturers expand the regional recalls for passenger inflators to include other geographic areas where high absolute humidity conditions exist, including the Gulf States and other coastal areas. Takata’s testing of the passenger inflators to date continues to indicate this geographic area as having the highest risk, with no ruptures occurring from inflators returned from outside the expanded recall regions. During PE14-016 four additional passenger inflator field events occurred, all in vehicles from the same expanded geographic region.

Also during PE14-016 four additional driver inflator field events occurred including two in vehicles from regions not known for high absolute humidity, specifically California and North Carolina. Accordingly, ODI requested all five of the affected vehicle manufacturers currently using the subject Takata driver inflators expand to nationwide recalls. Significantly, neither of the affected vehicle manufacturers or Takata provided any explanation to account for these two driver air bag inflator ruptures outside the area of high absolute humidity. Takata testing of returned driver inflators indicates a lower rupture frequency as compared to passenger inflator testing. All test ruptures reported by Takata to date have occurred on inflators returned from high absolute humidity areas.

The investigation now includes all manufacturers and vehicles known to be affected at this time. ODI’s investigation will focus on, among other things, root cause analysis, other potential defect consequences, identification of affected vehicles scope, and adequacy of the remedy.

The five ODI reports cited above can be reviewed online at under the following identification numbers: 10537899, 10568848, 10585224, 10605877, 10651492

Recalls Documents


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Last update on 2019-04-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Last update on 2019-04-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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