Reprogramming File Availability to Address Operational Concerns with 6.2” Clarion Display Audio Unit – 2015-2018 Subaru

NHTSA ID Number: 10171930

Manufacturer Communication Number: 15-199-16R


This bulletin announces reprogramming file availability and the software installation procedure to address a group of operational concerns received from the field and listed below involving the Clarion Display Audio unit with 6.2″ display.


22 Affected Products


SUBARU BRZ 2015-2017
SUBARU WRX 2016-2018

NUMBER: 15-199-16R
DATE: 05/05/16
REVISED: 02/19/20

APPLICABILITY: 2015-2017MY Legacy and Outback
2015-2017MY Impreza and XV Crosstrek
2015-2018MY Forester
2016-2018MY WRX
2015-2017MY BRZ
SUBJECT: Reprogramming File Availability to Address Operational Concerns with 6.2” Clarion Display Audio Unit



This bulletin announces reprogramming file availability and the software installation procedure to  address a group of operational concerns received from the field and listed below involving the  Clarion Display Audio unit with 6.2” display.  The procedure will involve downloading the applicable software update files from Subarunet then loading them onto a flash drive for audio unit installation.

  • Audio unit freezes and restarts when inserting and removing USB memory (flash drive).
  • CD player stops playing audio and / or elapsed time display freezes.
  • While talking on a paired phone and using the Bluetooth feature, audio unit restarts when shifting into Reverse.
  • Audio unit restarts when receiving a Bluetooth phone call.  The display goes black and may be accompanied by a “popping” sound.
  • White stripes or streaks appear on the display as shown below.
  • Some earlier versions of iPod will not connect or operate through the audio unit.
  • Deezer Music application inoperative, audio unit cannot connect to server.


  • When listening to music from a USB drive, the elapsed play time counter stays at 0:00.
  • When listening to music from a USB drive, the music plays normally but the screen display shows “Reading USB Memory”.
  • In diagnostic mode, “USB: NG” is displayed even though a known good USB drive is plugged in.
  • A black (blank) screen is displayed with only the EJECT button available.  Normal operation is restored after cycling the ignition off and back on.
  • When using the Magellan Navigation smartphone application (Release date 11/1/2016) for approximately 6 hours, the Bluetooth disconnects and the route guidance screen freezes.  An error message screen displays asking the user to disconnect their mobile device, install the STARLINK application on their mobile device and try again along with three other  connection-related messages.
  • All the function keys such as the steering switch, hard keys on the head unit and touch panel (display) become inoperative after playing music for 3-4 hours using a Bluetooth-connected device and no input from any of the keys on that connected device.  When this occurs, music continues to play normally but the display screen freezes.


NOTE:  The following three conditions DO NOT occur when the voice command feature is switched off.

  • When making a hands-free call using the voice command function, the ring-back tone is not heard from the speakers.
  • When making a hands-free call using the voice command function, the user enters the number using the phone’s buttons but, a dial tone is not heard from the speakers.
  • When receiving a call using the hands-free and voice command functions, the ringtone is not heard from the speakers.
  • When using the ahaRadio feature, song title and artist information does not update after the previous song ends.



New audio units with updated software were incorporated into production per the table below:

Vehicle / Model Faceplate ID Number Starting VIN
Legacy CB604UL, CB624UL, CB725UL, CB826UL H*052498
Outback H*352361
Forester CF617UL, CF658UL, CF759UL H*495732
Impreza / Cross-trek CM644UL, CM654UL, CM615UL, CM695UL, CM615UL, CM695UL H*225334
WRX / STI CV641UL, CV682UL, CV693UL H*827200
BRZ CA634UL, CA645UL H*600913



Step 1-  Audio Unit, Software Version Number and Update File Identification Use the table below to:

  • Identify the audio unit Faceplate ID Number and corresponding Reprogramming File Name
  • Determine the Current and New (After Update) Software Version Numbers

The faceplate ID number is displayed near the lower left corner of the display as shown below.

Model Model Year Faceplate ID Number Software Version Reprogramming File Name Subarunet Link Title:
Target (Current) New (AFTER
Legacy & Outback 2015 CB604UL Ver. 103 and below Ver. 104 86201AL60A 2015MY Leg / Obk Clarion DA CB604UL Update File
CB624UL 86201AL62A 2015MY Leg / Obk Clarion DA CB624UL Update File
2016 CB725UL Ver. 203 and below Ver. 204 86201AL72A 2016MY Leg / Obk Clarion DA CB725UL Update File
2017 CB826UL Ver. 403 and below Ver. 404 86201AL82A 2017MY Leg / Obk Clarion DA CB826UL Update File
Impreza / Crosstrek 2015 CM644UL Ver. 038 and below Ver. 039 86201FJ640 2015MY Impreza / XV Clarion DA CM644UL Update File
CM654UL 86201FJ650 2015MY Impreza / XV Clarion DA CM654UL Update File
2016-17 CM615UL Ver. 214 and below Ver. 215 86201FJ610 2016-17MY Impreza / XV Clarion DA CM615UL Update File
CM695UL 86201FJ690 2016-17MY Impreza / XV Clarion DA CM695UL Update File
Forester 2016 CF617UL Ver. 038 and below Ver. 039 86201SG610 2016MY Forester Clarion DA CF617UL Update File
2017 CF658UL Ver. 214 and below Ver. 215 86201SG650 2017MY Forester Clarion DA CF658UL Update File
2018 CF759UL 86201SG750 2018MY Forester Clarion DA CF759UL Update File
WRX 2016 CV641UL Ver. 037 and below Ver. 038 86201VA640 2016MY WRX Clarion DA CV641UL Update File
2017 CV682UL Ver. 214 and below Ver. 215 86201VA680 2017MY WRX Clarion DA CV682UL Update File
2018 CV693UL 86201VA690 2018MY WRX Clarion DA CV690UL Update File
BRZ 2016 CA634UL Ver. 013 and below Ver. 014 86201CA630 2016MY BRZ Clarion DA CA634UL Update File
2017 CA645UL Ver. 214 and below Ver. 215 86201CA640 2017MY BRZ Clarion DA CA645UL Update File


Step 2-  Software Version Number Check

2-1:  Switch the ignition and audio unit ON.

2-2:  Press the HOME button.

2-3:  Touch “SETTINGS” soft key on the HOME screen.


Materials Required:

1 empty, USB 2.0 (do not use USB 3.0) storage device (flash drive) will be needed to perform the update procedure.  The device should be dedicated to storing and transferring these updating files only.  It must be a minimum of 2GB in size and contain a FAT32 file format before downloading the update files onto it.  The following recommended and readily-available devices include: Verbatim® model# 97002, PQI® model# U273 and Kingston® model# DTSE9.


VERY IMPORTANT: Before attempting to download any data files, confirm the PC and flash drive you are using are not infected with any virus. The flash drive MUST be formatted for FAT32  following the steps below.

USB Flash Drive Formatting Procedure:

3-1:  Install a flash drive into an available USB port on your PC (2GB minimum size).

3-2:  Click Start (this is located in the lower left corner of the desktop screen) then, in the Search programs and files box, type “explorer”.

NOTE: On the SDS Notebook, press the My Documents button on the GUI Home Screen.

3-3:  As the word “explorer” is typed, search results will start to appear.  In the results, click on the “Windows Explorer” option under the Programs section.

3-4:  In the next window, choose the Computer section on the left.

Locate “Removable Disk”


NOTE: Always confirm the device being formatted is the USB Flash Drive.  This drive may have various names assigned to it by the manufacturer of the device and may not reflect the drive name given in this example.

3-7:  Click “OK” when the following window appears.

3-8:  The drive will start formatting and display this window when it is finished. Click “OK” to complete the process.


Step 4-  File Download Procedure

All the Clarion update files are accessible for downloading from Subarunet under: Service Operations & Technical>>Forms /Downloads>> Gen2/Clarion click on the Downloads for Audio/Navi tab or by clicking on the following hyperlink:

4-1:  After the USB flash drive has been formatted, the update file must be downloaded. Download the update file to your PC (or SDS Toughbook) from the Subarunet links. The screenshots below will take you through the steps required to get the selected update file onto your flash drive and ready to use.

NOTE:  The radio station presets are retained during these updates.

4-2:  Once the download is complete,  locate the update file.  If using a PC, go to  the Windows Start screen, select “Computer” then click on “Downloads” (or press the “My Documents” button on the GUI home screen if you are using the SDS Toughbook).  TIP: When the list of downloads is displayed, click on Date Modified and you can sort the list by the date they were added which will bring the most recently downloaded file to the top.

4-3:  Plug the “clean” USB flash drive into the computer.

4-4:  Double-click on the downloaded file.  A file folder containing 3 update files will be shown using a part number as shown below.

4-5:  Double-click on the part number (folder) to display the folder’s contents.  Select all 3 files then either copy / paste or click / drag them over to the “clean” flash drive.  In the example shown below, the flash drive is shown as: PKBACK# 001 (D:).  Depending on the speed of the computer being used, this data transfer may take a few minutes.  BE PATIENT.

4-6:  Once the files have been successfully loaded onto the flash drive, proceed to Step 5.


  • NEVER change the update file names after downloading them.
  • NEVER save any other version update files on the same flash drive.


Step 5-  Software Updating Procedure

NOTE: Because of the time it takes to perform these updates, Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) highly recommends connecting the Subaru Midtronics GR8 Diagnostic Battery Charger to the vehicle and utilizing the Power Supply Mode feature when performing these updates.  Follow the procedure as outlined in document GR8-1100 on STIS for use of the GR8’s Power Supply Mode:

  • Confirm all electrical loads such as lights, audio, HVAC, seat heaters, and rear defroster are all switched OFF before setting up for Power Supply Mode.
  • Select the correct battery type (Flooded, AGM or AGM Spiral).
  • Select the CCA which matches the vehicle’s battery (NOTE: OE and replacement batteries have different CCA ratings. Always confirm the battery rating before proceeding.)
  • If the “Charge Battery” WARNING appears, the battery MUST be charged before attempting reprogramming.
  • DO NOT connect the DSTi or SDI until the GR8 Power Supply mode has completed its battery test mode and the Charging Voltage has dropped to a steady 13.5 Volts on the display.
  • If the GR8 “beeps” or the Status Light flashes, a diagnostic charge should be performed on the battery before proceeding further.
  • Once Power Supply Mode reaches a steady 13.5 volts, connect the DSTi or SDI to the OBD connector and initiate the reprogramming process.
  • Amperage will fluctuate based upon the vehicle’s demand for power. NOTE: If the voltage rises beyond 14V while programming is in process, the procedure will abort. This can indicate a need to test or charge the vehicle battery before any further attempt at programming.


This information is applicable to the Midtronics GR8 Diagnostic Battery Charger ONLY. It does not apply to any other brand / type of “generic” battery charger whatsoever.  ONLY the GR8 and its Power Supply Mode feature has been tested and approved by SOA.

Once the GR8 is connected to the vehicle, as long as the battery is fully charged, it takes less than 3 minutes to boot-up the charger, select Power Supply Mode, and have the battery voltage stabilized and ready for reprogramming.

REMINDER:  If the GR8 indicates the vehicle’s battery must be charged, charge the battery using the GR8 before proceeding to reprogram the vehicle.

NOTE:  If a GR8 is unavailable, this audio unit reprogramming procedure can also be done with the engine idling.

5-1:  Switch the ignition and the audio unit OFF.

5-2:  Insert the USB drive into the USB port.

5-3:  Switch the ignition and the audio unit ON.

5-4:  Press the HOME button.

5-5:  Touch “SETTINGS” soft key on the HOME screen.  The soft key may be inactive at first and take a few extra seconds to illuminate like the others.

  • After the “Searching” screen changes to the “Start updating the program?” screen, press Yes to begin the updating process.

NOTE:  If any of the three error screens shown below should appear after the “Searching” screen instead of the “Start updating” screen, check the USB flash drive by:


If there is no problem found with the USB flash drive, start over from 5-1.


5-7:  Updating (File Transfer from USB Flash Drive)

  • IMPORTANT: Do not remove the USB flash drive or turn the ignition off while software is updating.  The updating procedure will take approximately 10-12 minutes to complete.

5-8:  When the “Update Completed Successfully” screen is displayed, switch the ignition off and remove the USB flash drive.  The newly-installed software will activate automatically the next time the ignition is switched ON.

5-9:  Press the HOME button.

5-10:  Touch “SETTINGS” soft key on the HOME screen.


Step 6-  Software Version Number Check

To complete the procedure, perform Step 2 again confirming the Version Number is now the New (AFTER Update) number (or higher) shown in the table provided above in Step 1.



For vehicles within the Basic New Car Limited Warranty period or covered by an active Subaru Added Security Gold plan this repair may be submitted using the following claim information:

Labor Description Labor Operation # Fail Code Labor Time



  • SOA strongly discourages the printing and/or local storage of service information as previously released information and electronic publications may be updated at any time.
  • Always check for any open recalls or campaigns anytime a vehicle is in for servicing.
  • Always refer to STIS for the latest service information before performing any repairs.


NUMBER: 15-199-16R
DATE: 05/05/16
REVISED: 02/19/20

Download (PDF, 2MB)

NUMBER: 15-199-16R
DATE: 05/05/16
REVISED: 10/12/18

Download (PDF, 1.82MB)

NUMBER: 15-199-16R
DATE: 05/05/16
REVISED: 10/12/18

Download (PDF, 1.82MB)


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Last update on 2020-04-08 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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