DTC P0456 / Clamps Added to Canister Purge Control Solenoid Valve Hose – 2015 Subaru Legacy & Outback with 3.6L Engine

NUMBER: 11-152-14
DATE: 12/15/14


APPLICABILITY: 2015MY Legacy and Outback Models Equipped with 3.6L Engine
SUBJECT: DTC P0456 / Clamps Added to Canister Purge Control Solenoid Valve Hose



This bulletin announces a production change involving the addition of spring clamps to both ends of the canister purge control solenoid valve hose. In some cases, a small leak at these hose connections could result in a Check Engine Light (CEL) illumination with DTC P0456 stored in memory.



The addition of the spring clamps to the purge hose was incorporated in production during
November, 2014 starting with the following VINs: Legacy: F3036012 and Outback: F3264050.



909170069 CLIP HOSE 2



In the event the CEL is illuminated and DTC P0456 is stored in memory and if the VIN is prior to countermeasure, the first step is to install the spring clamps per the following procedure.

CAREFULLY remove the engine upper cover to gain access to the CPC solenoid and hoses. Install a new spring clamp on both ends of the CPC solenoid valve purge hose as shown below.

IMPORTANT: The ends of the spring clamps must be oriented on the purge hose as shown in the 2 illustrations to the right below to avoid interference with other components.

CPC solenoid


Once the new spring clamps have been installed, an Evaporative System Leak Test using the SSMIII must be performed. Follow all the steps for Drive Cycle I located in the Drive Cycle section of ENGINE (DIAGNOSTICS): EN(H6DO)(diag) as found in the applicable Service Manual. Use this test to confirm the leak source causing the DTC been repaired by installing the new spring clamps. If the vehicle passes the Evaporative System Leak Test after replacing the spring clamps, proceed with clearing the ECM memory to complete the repair. If the vehicle fails the test, continue with further evaporative system diagnostics.

IMPORTANT: When preparing to perform Drive Cycle I, review all the precautions relating to the state of charge of the vehicle’s battery and other required pre-test vehicle parameters (coolant temperature, intake air temperature, etc.). Confirm they have all been met before proceeding with the Drive Cycle testing to ensure accurate test results.



For vehicles within the Basic New Car Limited and / or Emissions Warranty period, this repair may be submitted using the following claim information:

2015 Legacy & Outback w/ 3.6L Engine Install CPC Solenoid Purge Hose Clamps A469-304 DED-05 1.2

NOTE: Labor Time includes SSMIII use and performance of Drive Cycle I / Evaporative System Leak Test.

REMINDER: SOA strongly discourages the printing and/or local storage of service information as previously released information and electronic publications may be updated at any time.

Always refer to STIS for the latest service information before performing any repairs.



Download (PDF, 372KB)



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