Genuine Subaru Alternative Engine Oil Filter Replacement

NHTSA ID Number: 10228786

Manufacturer Communication Number: 02-191-22R


Due to unexpected supply chain challenges, this bulletin announces the availability of a temporary genuine Subaru alternative engine oil filter.


NUMBER: 02-191-22R
DATE: 11/02/22
REVISED: 12/15/22



Due to unexpected supply chain challenges, this bulletin announces the availability of a temporary genuine Subaru alternative engine oil filter. This oil filter should be used until Subaru announces a permanent solution to the current supply chain challenge. The genuine Subaru alternative oil filter has some features that differ from the prior Subaru filter, requiring additional service procedures for certain oil changes. When servicing a vehicle with this alternative oil filter, always confirm the vehicle’s maintenance circumstance (A or B as listed in the Service Procedure) and, if applicable based on the information below, proceed to the oil flush and oil filter replacement procedures outlined below. The Important Note within this procedure must always be followed when installing either of the genuine Subaru alternative oil filters.

IMPORTANT: Based on further review and analysis, Subaru has determined that the engine oil flushing process outlined in this bulletin is no longer required, and it will be discontinued effective 12/23/2022. Engine oil flushing claims submitted with a Repair Order Close Date after 12/23/2022 will not be accepted for payment. This does not affect the claim submission period for engine oil flushing completed through 12/23/2022 which remains at up to 90 days following repair completion.



Part Description Subaru Genuine Part Number Genuine Alternative Part Number
15208AA12A SOA6351520812*

*Part Numbers are to be used for claim submission when applicable.

The genuine Subaru alternative filters have a square cut seal, are blue in color,  and have the part number printed on the top.



Engine Oil Filter Servicing Circumstances:

A. When performing initial “NEW” vehicle engine oil and filter service at 6 months / 6,000-mile service interval as per the Owner’s Manual.

B. Performing an engine oil and filter service following any lubricated engine part repairs (engine replacement, short block replacement, cylinder head(s), crankshaft, camshaft, crankcase, or turbocharger) at 6 months or 6000 miles (after the repair).

Engine Oil System Flush and Oil Filter Replacement:

  1. Allow the engine to rest for at least 5 minutes after running. Confirm the current engine oil level is sufficient for the flushing procedure. If ANY engine oil shows on the dipstick, there is a sufficient amount of oil present to proceed.
  2. Start the engine and allow the engine temperature to reach normal operating temperature.
  3. Turn the engine OFF. Drain the engine oil thoroughly and RE-USE the drain plug gasket. DO NOT remove the engine oil filter at this time.
  4. Install 4 quarts of new engine oil.
  5. Start the engine and allow to idle.
  6. Increase the engine RPMs between 2500-3000 and hold for 5 seconds then allow the RPMs to reduce to idle. Repeat this Step 4 more times.
  7. Turn the engine OFF and drain the engine oil thoroughly. Once the oil has been removed, reinstall and torque drain plug to specification using a NEW

IMORTANT NOTE: It is possible for the oil filter seal to become dislodged or misaligned during shipping and handling (see example images below). If this situation occurs, inspect the seal and matting surface for any visible damage.


If any damage is found, replace the filter. If no damage is found, the seal may be refitted to the filter and  installed on the vehicle.

  1. Replace the engine oil filter with a genuine Subaru alternative filter.
  • Clean the contact surfaces of the oil filter. Remove all oil and possible contaminates.
  • Apply a thin coat of fresh engine oil to the rubber seal.
  • Thread the new oil filter by hand until the gasket seats against the surface. Use CAUTION not to damage the filter seal.
  • Further tighten the oil filter, approximately ¾ of a turn. Confirm the filter security when complete.
  • Clean any residual oil from around the base of the filter

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is possible there may be a gap between the filter case and the installation surface (0-0.0209 inch / 0-0.53mm). This is a normal condition. Further verification can be achieved with the use of a 0.022 inch (0.56mm) sized feeler/thickness gauge. This sized gauge should be unable to be inserted in this gap.


  1. Install the new engine oil applicable to the vehicle’s type and quantity specifications.
  2. Start the engine and check for any oil leaks around the base of the engine oil filter. Confirm there are no leaks found.



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Manufacturer Communications

NUMBER: 02-191-22R
DATE: 11/02/22
REVISED: 12/15/22

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