2019 MY Paint Coding Information – Subaru

NUMBER: 13-101-18
DATE: 07/10/18

APPLICABILITY: All 2019MY Vehicles
SUBJECT: 2019 MY Paint Coding Information



Note: This is the most accurate information available at the time of printing.

Various paint manufacturers designate their own stock numbers and coding information although many of the major suppliers are now using the SOA paint codes to help eliminate possible confusion.  Their color formulations are updated on a continual basis.  Some vendors may have different color names than those provided to them by SOA.  Be sure to double-check the codes and formulas beforehand to help insure an accurate color match.  Should discrepancies arise, please refer your Body Shop contact inquiries to the specific paint vendor or their jobber / supplier for the most updated formula information.

The paint coding information can be found on the vehicle’s VIN plate.

Subaru color codes are three characters in length.


S074ZE – Subaru Paint Manual

Subaru Paint Manual – S074ZE




Rear Splash Guard Kit – Corrosion of Attachment Hardware – 2015-2016 Subaru XV Crosstrek

NUMBER:  15-191-15
DATE: 12/14/15

APPLICABILITY: 2015-16MY XV Crosstrek Models with Accessory Rear Splash Guard Kit
SUBJECT: Corrosion of Attachment Hardware



This bulletin announces availability of a replacement attachment hardware kit for the rear splash guards to address customer concerns of poor appearance due to corrosion and / or rusting.

Examples of the condition are shown in the photos below.

replacement hardware kit


Revised Valve Train Parts to Reduce a Warm Engine Tapping Sound from the Left Cylinder Head – 2013-2014 Subaru Legacy & Outback

NUMBER: 02-150-14R
DATE: 02/07/14
REVISED: 03/3/14

APPLICABILITY: 2013-14MY Legacy & Outback Models with 2.5L FB Engine
SUBJECT: Revised Valve Train Parts to Reduce a Warm Engine Tapping Sound from the Left Cylinder Head



This bulletin announces the availability of revised valve train components developed to reduce a tapping sound (sometimes described as “a sewing machine type” sound) which may be heard coming from the left-hand (B2) side of the engine when the engine is warm.  This bulletin does not address any cold engine or start-up sounds.  The changes consist of:


Squeak, Squeal, or Chirp Sound Serpentine Drive / Accessory Belt – 2013-2014 Subaru Legacy & Outback

NUMBER: 02-156-14
DATE: 05/27/14

APPLICABILITY: 2013-14MY Legacy and Outback
2.5L N/A FB Engine Models
SUBJECT: Service Part Number Change to the V-Belt (Serpentine Drive / Accessory Belt) to Address A Squeak, Squeal, or Chirp Sound



This bulletin announces a service part number change for the V-Belt (serpentine drive/accessory belt) applicable to the vehicles specified above. This part is being replaced to address a slip-type sound (squeak, squeal or chirp) due to a production variation found in the original belt.  If presented with one of the above listed vehicles exhibiting this condition, replace the existing V-Belt (serpentine drive/ accessory belt) with the new part number shown below.