C1010FG100 – STI Shift Knob for 6MT – 2009 2011 Subaru

Accessory Installation Guide


2011 STI Shift Knob for 6MT – C1010FG100
2009 STI Shift Knob For 6M/T (C1010FG100)

Installation Instructions


6MT Transfer Driven Gear Bearing – 2013-2016 Subaru Legacy & Outback

NUMBER: 03-69-12R
DATE: 09/10/12
REVISED: 12/11/12


APPLICABILITY: 2013MY and later Legacy and Outback w/ 6MT

SUBJECT: 6MT Transfer Driven Gear Bearing



This bulletin reviews a change to the part numbers used for the transfer driven gear bearings. These revised bearings are to be used to enhance durability. Changes to the tools required and supplemental procedures for the installation of these bearings are also covered.


6MT Shifter Rattle – 2013 Subaru BRZ

NUMBER: 03-71-13R
DATE: 07/01/13
REVISED: 02/10/15

SUBJECT: 6MT Shifter Rattle and Improvement to Reverse Pull Collar Operation



This Bulletin announces availability of a revised 6MT shifter lever and an enhancement to the reverse pull collar assembly designed to improve the operation of the reverse selection mechanism.  In addition, this new assembly will eliminate a rattle sound from the shifter which may occur primarily in 3rd gear between 3500 and 6000 rpm.  While the rattle condition is most noticeable in the listed gear and rpm range, it may in rare cases be noticeable under other conditions.