Excess Amount of Fluid in CVT Transmission – 2014 Subaru Forester


This announcement relates to specific 2014 Forester 2.5 Non‐Turbo CVT models which have been identified as having an excess amount of fluid in the CVT transmission.  Although we have limited this situation, some of the affected vehicles will make it to the allocated dealer with the fluid level overfilled.

If an affected vehicle is being shipped to your dealership, you will receive a Dealer / VIN‐specific message via Subarunet to let you know it is on the way.


It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you check the MESSAGES tab near the top of the Subarunet home page at least DAILY to see if you have received any of these messages.  (Please note that SNE/ SDC dealers will be notified of these vehicles via email or distributor DCS by their respective distributor)

Affected vehicles will be easy to identify as they will have a YELLOW STICKER with a “W” on it affixed to the upper front windshield area.

Do not perform the Service Procedure unless you have received a VIN‐specific message and the corresponding vehicle has a “W” on the windshield.  Note that there may be other reasons why a “W” may be on the windshield of a given vehicle.  Always confirm what is needed using the information on the Subarunet message associated with that VIN.  Do not assume that a “W” automatically means a CVT fluid check is needed.

IMPORTANT:  The fluid level inspection procedure MUST be performed by your dealership

IMMEDIATELY upon receipt of an affected vehicle. This will ensure the procedure is completed prior to any extensive movement of the vehicle prior to sale and eliminate the possibility of a non‐repair in the event the vehicle is dealer‐traded or otherwise moved to another location. Operation of the vehicle with the CVT fluid over‐filled will result in reduced fuel economy and may cause other drivability concerns if driven for extended periods of time.

To prevent any delay in performing the Service Procedure, please confirm your Parts Department has adequate inventory of the following items:  CVT fluid (Blue) Ordered as PN SOA868V9245 (5 gal) Claimed as PN SOA635043 (qt.) and 803918060, filler plug gasket.


* Click on this link to access and print the entire Service Procedure *


Download (PDF, 126KB)


Download (PDF, 521KB)


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