CVT Fluid Level Adjustment Procedure – 2014 Subaru Forester


DATE: 03/05/13

APPLICABILITY: 2014 Forester, 2.5 NA CVT Models ONLY
SUBJECT: CVT Fluid Level Adjustment Procedure


IMPORTANT:  The following CVT fluid level adjustment procedure MUST be performed as soon as possible after receipt of the subject vehicle(s) by your dealership.

Once the adjustment procedure has been completed, we request your Warranty claim for the adjustment be submitted immediately.  Your cooperation in this matter will help insure all the affected vehicles are corrected and ready for sale / delivery as quickly as possible.


Excess Amount of Fluid in CVT Transmission – 2014 Subaru Forester


This announcement relates to specific 2014 Forester 2.5 Non‐Turbo CVT models which have been identified as having an excess amount of fluid in the CVT transmission.  Although we have limited this situation, some of the affected vehicles will make it to the allocated dealer with the fluid level overfilled.

If an affected vehicle is being shipped to your dealership, you will receive a Dealer / VIN‐specific message via Subarunet to let you know it is on the way.


“New” Subaru High Torque CVT Fluid (SOA748V0200) – 2014 Subaru Forester

“New” Subaru High Torque CVT Fluid (SOA748V0200)




The new 2014 Turbo Forester is equipped with a new Continuously Variable

Transmission (CVT).  This new CVT utilizes a new transmission fluid, Subaru High Torque CVT Fluid and is orange in color.  The CVT fluid currently being used in the nonturbo vehicles (C-30 CVT Fluid blue in color) and the new (Subaru High Torque CVT Fluid Orange in color) CAN NOT BE INTERCHANGED.  Using the incorrect fluid will result in transmission damage.