Availability of “Gracenote Media Database” Software Enhancement – 2015-2018 Subaru

NHTSA ID Number: 10169864

Manufacturer Communication Number: 15-208-17R


“This Service Information bulletin announces availability of an enhancement to the Gracenote database included in the vehicles listed above equipped with F10 7” Navigation and 7” Display Audio head units. When the user plays a pre-recorded CD, Gracenote recognizes the disc then shows the artist and track name information along with the album cover art on the head unit display (when available). This enhancement brings the currently installed database up to date with the most recent information available. This update does not affect any album art displayed when using SXM.”


21 Affected Products


SUBARU WRX 2016-2018
SUBARU WRX STI 2016-2018

NUMBER: 15-208-17R
DATE: 01/30/17
REVISED: 12/09/19

APPLICABILITY: 2015-2017MY Legacy, Outback
2015-2016MY Impreza
2015-2017MY Crosstrek
2015-18MY Forester
2016-2018MY WRX and WRX STI
Models with Gen 2 and Gen 2.1 Fujitsu-Ten (F10) 7” Display Navigation and 7” Display Audio Units
SUBJECT: Availability of “Gracenote® Media Database” Software Enhancement



This Service Information bulletin announces availability of an enhancement  to the Gracenote database included in the vehicles listed above equipped with F10 7” Navigation and 7” Display Audio head units.  When the user plays a  pre-recorded CD, Gracenote recognizes the disc then shows the artist and

track name information along with the album cover art on the head unit display (when available).  This enhancement brings the currently installed database up to date with the most recent information available. This update does not affect any album art displayed when using SXM.



Since the Gracenote database updates are ongoing, the latest version available is installed at vehicle production.  A version Check procedure is supplied in the Service Procedure portion of this bulletin.



VERY IMPORTANT:  The Gracenote software files are being supplied to Retailers through the  existing Audio / Downloads link page on Subarunet at no charge.

**Any charges to install the Gracenote enhancement files are not a matter for warranty and  are strictly between the Retailer and the customer.



One empty 2GB, USB 2.0 (do NOT use USB 3.0) storage device (flash drive) will be needed to perform the procedure.  The device should be dedicated to storing and transferring these updating files only.  It should also be no more than 4GB in size and MUST contain a FAT32 file format before downloading the update files onto it.




STEP 1:  Identify the model of the head unit.


STEP 2:  Perform the Version Check procedure:

Press the HOME button and from the home screen, press SETTINGS.

From the SETTINGS screen, press GENERAL.

From the General Settings Screen, press  Gracenote® Database Update

The Gracenote® Database Update screen will display the Library Version and the Database  Revision information.  Use the Database Revision number to determine whether or not the unit is suitable for installation of the new files.  Compare the number to the Target Version number in the table below.

  • If it is equal to or higher than the Target Version number in the table (13017), the unit has the most recent version installed and no further action is required.
  • If it is lower than the Target Version number in the table (13017), the unit is suitable for the enhancement.  Proceed with the update procedure outlined below.
Model Model Year Type H/U Model ID# Target Version
Legacy / Outback 2015 Navi FB644US 13017
2016 Navi FB685US
2017 Navi FB856US
Impreza / Crosstrek 2015 Navi FM634US
2016 Navi FM655UH
2017 Navi FM666US
Forester 2016 Navi FF667US 13017
2017 Navi FF868US
2018 Navi FF629US
WRX / WRX STI 2016 Navi FV631US
2017 Navi FV624US
2018 Navi FF673US

Navi = Audio units with Navigation

DA = Display Audio units (without navigation)


STEP 3:  After performing the Version Check procedure, if determined the unit is suitable for updating and customer authorization has been obtained, the new files will need to be downloaded onto the flash drive.  All the F10 update files are accessible for downloading from Subarunet under:  Service Operations & Technical >> Forms/Downloads >> Downloads for Audio/Navi then clicking on the applicable hyperlink:

Click Here to Access the Downloads for Audio/Navigation Information on Subarunet


STEP 4:  Prepare the USB Memory (Flash Drive)

VERY IMPORTANT:  Before attempting to download any data files, confirm the PC and flash drives you are using are not infected with any virus.  The flash drives will need to be formatted for FAT32 following the steps below.


USB Flash Drive Formatting Procedure: 

  • Install a flash drive into an available USB port on your PC.
  • Click Start (this is located in the lower left corner of the desktop screen) then, in the Search programs and files box, type “explorer”.

NOTE: On SDS Notebook you may also press the My Documents button on the GUI Home Screen.

  • As you type the word “explorer”, search results will start to appear. In the results, click on the “Windows Explorer” option under the Programs section.
  • In the next window, choose the Computer section on the left. Locate “Removable Disk”

NOTE: Always confirm the device you are formatting is the USB Flash Drive. This drive may have various names assigned to it by the manufacturer of the device and may not reflect the drive name given in this example.

  • Right click the picture for “Removable Disk” then select “Format”.
  • When the “Format” dialog box appears, make sure that the option labeled “File System” is set to FAT32 and the Quick Format box is checked as well. Then, click the “Start” button.
  • Click “OK” when the following window appears.
  • The drive will start formatting and display this window when it is finished. Click “OK” to complete the process.
  • Repeat the procedure above for the second flash drive


STEP 5:  File Download Procedure:

After formatting of the flash drive is complete, the new file must be downloaded onto it.

Download the new file to your PC from the Subarunet link.  NOTE:  The new file may contain  1 to 3 individual files.  The screenshots below will take you through the steps required to get  the new files onto the flash drive and ready to use.  Update File sizes are quite large and  depending on the speed capabilities of the computer, may take some time to complete the  download.  PLEASE BE PATIENT!

Once the download is complete, you will need to locate the new file, unzip it and save the  unzipped version to the USB flash driveNOTE: If not already done, follow the procedure above for formatting (removing any existing files) from the flash drive.

  • Plug the “clean” flash drive into the PC.
  • Go to the Windows Start screen, select “Computer” (or click on My Documents if using the SDS Toughbook) and click on “Downloads”.

Once the list of downloaded files opens, click on Date Modified which will arrange them by date and bring the newest to the top.  Double-click on the new file, click on “Run”, Click on “Browse” then select “Removable Disc” which will be the flash drive.  Click “Unzip” to load the files onto the flash drive and when complete, insert the flash drive into the vehicle USB port.


  • Do not change the file names after downloading them
  • Do not save any other files onto the flash drive.


STEP 6:  Software Installation:

Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) highly recommends connecting either the Subaru Midtronics DCA-8000 Dynamic Diagnostic Charging System or the Subaru Midtronics GR8-100 Diagnostic Battery Charger to the vehicle and utilizing the Power Supply Mode feature anytime a vehicle control module or head unit is being reprogrammed.

Once the Midtronics charger is connected to the vehicle, if the battery is fully charged, it takes less than three (3) minutes to boot-up the charger, select the Power Supply Mode, and have the battery voltage stabilized and ready for reprogramming.


For instructions on using the power supply mode, reference the applicable User Manual for the Midtronics DCA-8000 Dynamic Diagnostic Charging System and the Midtronics GR8-1100 Diagnostic Battery Charger on STIS.

  • Confirm all electrical loads such as lights, audio, HVAC, seat heaters, and rear defroster are all switched OFF before setting up the charger for Power Supply Mode.
  • Select the correct battery type (Flooded, EFB, Gel, AGM or AGM Spiral).
  • Input the CCA which matches the vehicle’s battery. NOTE: OE and replacement batteries have different CCA ratings.  Always confirm the battery’s CCA rating before proceeding.
  • If using a DCA-8000 Dynamic Diagnostic Charging System, set the power supply voltage to 13.5 volts.
  • DO NOT connect the DST-i or SDI until the Power Supply mode function has completed its battery test mode and the Charging Voltage has dropped to and shows a steady 13.5 Volts on the display.
  • Once Power Supply Mode reaches a steady 13.5 volts, connect the DST-i or SDI to the OBD connector and proceed with initiating the normal FlashWrite reprogramming process.
  • Amperage will fluctuate based upon the vehicle’s demand for power. NOTE: If the voltage rises beyond 14V while programming is in process, the procedure will abort. This can indicate a need to test or charge the vehicle battery before any further attempt at programming is made.


This information is applicable to the Subaru Midtronics DCA-8000 Dynamic Diagnostic Charging System and the Subaru Midtronics GR8-1100 Diagnostic Battery Charger ONLY.  It does not apply to any other brand / type of “generic” battery charger whatsoever.  ONLY the DCA-8000 and the GR8-1100 and their Power Supply Mode feature have been tested and approved by SOA.

REMINDER:  If the DCA-8000 or GR8-1100 indicates the vehicle’s battery must be charged, charge the battery fully before proceeding to reprogram the vehicle while using the Power Supply Mode.


STEP 7:  Install the Database Update files

Return to the Gracenote Database Update screen by:

  • Press the HOME button and from the home screen, press SETTINGS.
  • From the SETTINGS screen, press GENERAL.
  • From the General Settings screen, press Gracenote® Database Update
  • From the Gracenote® Database Update screen press Update.
  • Press Yes.

NOTE:  If there is a problem with the USB drive or the files, after pressing Update, the message screen below will be displayed before the update begins.

In the event this screen is displayed:

  • Press “OK”, remove the flash drive and return to Step 4 above..
  • Plug the flash drive back into the PC and re-format it.
  • Download the files again from Subarunet and reload them onto the flash drive.
  • Try to install the update again.


While the update is taking place, the screen below with a status bar will be displayed.  NOTE: The update can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

When completed successfully, the screen shot below will be displayed.



  • SOA strongly discourages the printing and/or local storage of service information as previously released information and electronic publications may be updated at any time.
  • Always check for any open recalls or campaigns anytime a vehicle is in for servicing.
  • Always refer to STIS for the latest service information before performing any repairs.

NUMBER: 15-208-17R
DATE: 01/30/17
REVISED: 12/09/19



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DATE: 01/30/17
REVISED: 10/02/18



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Last update on 2020-07-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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