2022 SUBARU STARLINK Safety and Security Owner’s Manual

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Owner Manual

2022MY SUBARU STARLINK Safety and Security Owner’s Manual

Gen 2



If there is a problem with SUBARU STARLINK, start by checking the table below.

If there is a problem with SUBARU STARLINK, start by checking the table below.

Symptom Possible Cause Solution
The system is unable to connect to SUBARU STARLINK when you press the SOS button or i-button. A subscription to the SUBARU STARLINK service has not been established. Sign up for a subscription to the SUBARU STARLINK service.
The telecommunications line is experiencing higher than normal call volume. Terminate the call and try again later.
The vehicle is in a location where it is difficult to receive cellular network signal. If possible, move the vehicle to an area where the signal strength may be better and communication will be restored.
The call connection is interrupted or the call connection with a STARLINK Customer Care Advisor is interrupted. The telecommunications line or location of the base station could be out of signal range. This is not a malfunction. If possible, move the vehicle and try again.
Red Status light on the overhead console is illuminated. A system malfunction has occurred. (Short circuit or disconnection of the connector, etc.) Contact your Subaru Retailer for an inspection.
Status light does not illuminate on the overhead console. A subscription to the SUBARU STARLINK service has not been established. Sign up for a subscription to the SUBARU STARLINK service.
Remote Engine Start doesn’t execute. The vehicle’s Security Alarm has been activated. Manually start and stop your vehicle, then try again.
The vehicle has been manually turned off while Remote Engine Start was in operation.


Symptom Possible Cause Solution
SUBARU STARLINK Service Appointment Scheduler does not initiate when selected on the head unit. The vehicle’s internal clock has not been set. Pair your smartphone with the head unit and sync your contacts and allow notifications, or use the Vehicle Settings menu on the head unit or MultiFunction Display to set the clock.
SUBARU STARLINK services are unavailable and head unit repeatedly displays “A SUBARU STARLINK Services update is in progress” screen at every ignition. SUBARU STARLINK System Update installation could not complete. Contact your Subaru Retailer for an inspection.
Repeatedly receive “STARLINK Services are temporarily unavailable” when sending a remote command to your vehicle. Your vehicle may not have been turned on in more than 13 days and may have gone into a sleep mode to help preserve the battery. Step 1:

Ensure your vehicle is safely parked in an area with good cell phone reception

Step 2:

Start your vehicle and allow it to run for at least 5 minutes

Step 3:

Turn your vehicle off

Step 4:

Using the MySubaru Mobile App or MySubaru.com lock your doors

A Destination sent from the MySubaru website or mobile app does not display on the head unit. Remote Engine Start was used to start the vehicle and the user was not able to accept the Destination on the head unit before the command completed and the vehicle turned off. Enter the vehicle before the Remote Engine Start command completes and accept the Destination when it displays on the head unit.


Symptom Possible Cause Solution
Charging schedule did not operate at the desired time. Charging connector is not properly plugged in. Make sure that the charging connector is properly connected.
The vehicle internal clock has not been set. Pair your smartphone with the head unit and sync your contacts and allow notifications or use the Vehicle Settings menu on the Multi-Function

Display to set the clock.

A schedule was set in MySubaru and the vehicle is in a location where it is difficult to receive cellular network signal and the schedule was not received by the vehicle. If possible, move the vehicle to an area where the signal strength may be better and communication will be restored.


Symptom Possible Cause Solution
Charging started immediately, even though a saved schedule was present. A “Charge Now” command was received by the vehicle before the charge connector was plugged in or the “Charge Now” option in the Charging Timer Setting menu was set to “ON” When using charging schedules, be sure that the “Charge Now” option is turned “OFF” in the vehicle and to only use “Charge Now from MySubaru when needed.
The saved charging schedule was deactivated Check that all desired charging schedules are active.
A Departure Time schedule is active and there isn’t enough time to complete charging by the desired Departure Time. When using a Departure Time schedule, try to give your vehicle enough time to fully charge.
Remote Climate Control was in operation. When Remote Climate Control is in operation the vehicle will charge immediately. In order to return to the saved schedule, Remote Climate Control needs to be stopped and the charging connector reconnected.


Symptom Possible Cause Solution
Charging has stopped or did not complete. A Departure Time schedule with Automatic Climate Control was selected. When a Departure Time is scheduled with Automatic Climate Control, the charging system will work to complete the charging an hour before the Departure time. When the Automatic Climate Control begins operation (10 minutes before the Departure Time), charging will resume to support the Climate Control operation.
If Charge Now is “ON” and then a charging schedule is saved after the vehicle has already started to charge. If a charging schedule is saved after the vehicle has already started charging the vehicle will stop charging and wait for the new scheduled charging time to start charging.
Automatic Climate Control option on the Departure Time Schedule did not operate before the selected time. One or all of your vehicle’s doors are unlocked. When selecting the Automatic Climate Control option for a Departure Time Schedule be sure to lock all the doors on the vehicle.
Access Key Fob is locked in vehicle after Remote Climate Control began operation. Remote Climate Control will lock all doors at the beginning of operation. Use MySubaru Website or Mobile App to execute a Remote Door Unlock command to unlock the doors and retrieve the Access Key Fob.


Please refer to your Subaru Owner’s Manual to learn more about your vehicle’s systems and operations.


Communication Error Codes

If a Communication Error message displays on the head unit screen, please use the chart below for descriptions on possible causes.

Error Code Possible Cause Solution
101 The vehicle system’s internal clock has not been set Pair your smartphone with the head unit and sync your contacts and allow notifications or use the Vehicle Settings menu on the head unit or Multi-Function Display to set the clock.
102 Unable to communicate with the SUBARU STARLINK service If possible, move the vehicle to an area where the signal strength may be better and communication will be restored.
a SUBARU STARLINK Service Appointment Scheduler notification displayed and no selection was made within the first 3 minutes Choose the “Read Now” option when the SUBARU STARLINK Service Appointment Scheduler notification displays.
103 The SUBARU STARLINK service is unavailable If possible, move the vehicle to an area where the signal strength may be better and communication will be restored or contact your Subaru Retailer for an inspection.
104 A communication issue occurred at the vehicle Check the network signal strength and attempt Service Appointment Scheduler again later.
105 A communication issue occurred at the SUBARU STARLINK service Please try Service Appointment Scheduler again later.



SUBARU STARLINK is your in-vehicle technology that provides hands-free connectivity, entertainment, and the security you need to keep you and your vehicle safe. There are two ways to connect using your smartphone.

–    STARLINK Multimedia services can be accessed via the SUBARU STARLINK Mobile App.

–    STARLINK Safety Plus, Security Plus and Concierge features can be accessed via the MySubaru website (MySubaru.com) or MySubaru Mobile App.

If subscribed, your vehicle can connect with a STARLINK Customer Care Advisor via the red SOS button or blue  i-button on your overhead console. SOS/i-button

Connection with a Customer Care Advisor is not limited to any STARLINK subscription plan.


What do the buttons on my overhead console do?

  • Provide access to a SUBARU STARLINK Customer Care Advisor.

–    Pressing the red SOS button connects users with a live advisor who can provide emergency assistance.

  • Provide access to Subaru Roadside Assistance.

–    Pressing the blue i-button connects you to Subaru Roadside Assistance or Concierge Services (if subscribed).



Will SUBARU STARLINK use my smartphone connection to provide me emergency assistance?
SUBARU STARLINK allows you to use both SOS Emergency Assistance, Enhanced Roadside Assistance and Concierge functions (if subscribed) without the use of your smartphone. However, all STARLINK Remote Access features do require using your smartphone or MySubaru.com to activate remote services.


Why do I need to download the mobile apps to my smartphone? What is the difference between the SUBARU STARLINK App and MySubaru App?
Downloading either the SUBARU STARLINK App or MySubaru App allows you to bring content from your smartphone into your vehicle, while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

The SUBARU STARLINK App is your link to SUBARU STARLINK in-vehicle technology that offers cloud services via your smartphone and cellular network data plan. It provides hands-free connectivity and entertainment for your next adventure.

The MySubaru App allows you access to remote services, user preferences, diagnostic alerts and other great features enabled by your STARLINK subscription.



What are the SUBARU STARLINK Safety Plus, Security Plus and Concierge features?
SUBARU STARLINK Safety Plus gives you peace of mind in case an emergency occurs when you are in your vehicle.

SUBARU STARLINK Security Plus features provide Stolen

Vehicle Recovery Plus with Immobilizer and Security Alarm

Notifications. Security Plus also adds Remote Door Lock & Unlock, Stolen Vehicle Recovery Plus, Remote Vehicle Locator, Remote Engine Start and more.

SUBARU STARLINK Concierge provides you with personalized call center support.

Depending on how your vehicle is equipped, some features might not be available. Check with your Retailer or MySubaru to see what SUBARU STARLINK features are applicable to your vehicle.


How does Enhanced Roadside Assistance work?
Pressing the blue i-button enables your Enhanced Roadside Assistance working in conjunction with your vehicle’s Subaru Roadside Assistance coverage 24/7/365. No matter where you are, your STARLINK Customer Care Advisor will know your exact GPS location and will be able to send help.


What do I do if I forgot or want to update my PIN?
Log in to MySubaru choose the STARLINK menu then the STARLINK Update PIN link on the MySubaru website (MySubaru.com) or from the STARLINK Change PIN link in the My Profile menu on the MySubaru Mobile App.



How do I contact a SUBARU STARLINK Customer Care Advisor?
If you have any questions about SUBARU STARLINK, please call a STARLINK Customer Care Advisor at 1-855-753-2495.


What smartphones are compatible with the MySubaru Mobile App?
Please go to www.Subaru.com/STARLINK to check for the most current list of supported devices.


How does Stolen Vehicle Recovery Plus work with local law enforcement to help recover my Subaru vehicle?
If your Subaru vehicle is stolen, you will need to first file a police report with local law enforcement. The SUBARU STARLINK Customer Care Advisor will need a police report number to help local law enforcement find the location of your vehicle.

Once your vehicle has been returned, you will need to contact a Customer Care Advisor and request that Stolen Vehicle Recovery Plus and Stolen Vehicle Immobilizer (if applicable) be deactivated.



How do I change my notifications email or phone number?
Log in to MySubaru.com, select your vehicle and click on

“My Profile” link in the center navigation bar and choose “Account settings”. You can modify the notification to be one of the following; phone, email, text or push notification (if applicable).


What kind of warranty coverage does SUBARU STARLINK have?
SUBARU STARLINK equipment is covered under the 3-Year/36,000-Mile Subaru Limited Warranty.



2022MY SUBARU STARLINK Safety and Security Owner’s Manual

Gen 2


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(1+32G) for 2005-2009 Subaru Legacy Outback Android 13 Radio, Roinvou 9 Inch Touch Screen Radio Dash Kit with Backup Camera, in-Dash GPS Navigation Support Mirror Link Bluetooth WiFi FM
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SaleBestseller No. 4
Android 12 Car Radio Stereo for Subaru Forester 2002-2007 Wireless CarPlay Android Auto with Bluetooth GPS Navigation
  • 【Applicable Models】For Subaru Forester 2002-2007
  • Android 12 System】Android 12 operating system,ensure smooth and fast operation.Provide you with a more comfortable experience and convenient operation.
  • 【Wireless Carplay & Android Auto】You can choose wired connection or wireless connection to Carplay or Android Auto.By connecting your iPhone or Android phones,you can access mobile phone address book,notifaction,message,map navigation,music and so on.
  • GPS Navigation & WiFi】Built in offline North American map.Also support online map,when you connect WiFi you can use the GPS navigation anywhere.By WiFi you can download or delete apps in APP Store,as the same as phone.
  • Bluetooth】Fast match with phone,you can answer or make calls by the radio.coming with an enternal microphone, which will pick your voice clear and your car speskers let you hear the person on the other side precise.
Bestseller No. 5
UNITOPSCI 1G+32G for Subaru Outback Subaru Legacy Radio 2010-2014 Android 13 Car Stereo 9.7 Inch Vertical Touchscreen Bluetooth GPS Navigation FM/RDS WiFi Mirror Link USB SWC + Backup Camera Mic
  • 【for Subaru Outback Subaru Legacy Radio】 Compatible models: for Subaru Outback/Legacy 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014, Android 13 car stereo with 9.7 inch HD capacitive vertical touch screen, screen resolution 1024*600, Quad core, 1G RAM, 32G ROM, 4*45W power output, Built-in WiFi/ Hot spot connect/GPS receiver, steering wheel control function, Note: Doesn’t compatible with cars with a Harman Kardon Sound System, please check the car center console outline and wire harness for the compatibility
  • 【Built-in Bluetooth, FM/RDS Radio】9.7 inch Bluetooth car stereo built-in Bluetooth and built-in microphone, answering or making phone call can be hands-free and convenient, support Bluetooth audio streaming and auto download phone book. FM radio with 18 preset stations, listening music, news and weather broadcast during driving
  • GPS Navigation, WiFi Hotspot】Double din vertical car stereo features GPS and WiFi receiver, in dash GPS navigation stereo supports online and offline map, it also preload free map on HERE WEGO[Need to turn on WiFi to download map]. Switch on WiFi on this head unit, you can use online functions, the car multimedia player can access to multiple apps, such as Youtube, FB, Play store etc.
  • Mirror Link for iOS, Android Phones】Android car steroe for Subaru Outback Legacy 2010-2014, and it supports dual mirror link system for iOS and Android phones. For iPhone, users can use one-way operation mirror link via WiFi , for Android phones, users can use two-way operation mirror link via WiFi/USB, easy to use mirror link function to sync your phones’ App and display on this car radio playing video, map navigation etc.
  • 【Backup Camera】Car radio with a 12LEDs rear view camera, night vision, 170 degree viewing angle and waterproof, automatically switch to display reversing image when you put car to rear gear. Parking can be safer. Support dual USB adaper input, charging phone or other devices. [QA: Radio not turning on when you start the car? ---The radio did not turn on. please check if the pink wire blocks the electricity and then cut the pink cable and leave it, if you have any problem, please let us know]
SaleBestseller No. 6
ASURE 9 inch Car Stereo Radio Upgrade for Subaru Outback MK5 2015-2019,4Core 2G+32G Android GPS Navigation Unit with Wireless Carplay,Android Auto,1280x800 Touchscreen Multimedia Video Player
  • 【Changeable UI Car Stereo Radio】 9 inch capacitive touch screen In-dash video player for Subaru Outback MK5 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019,supports Android Launcher,such as AGAMA Car Launcher.You can download the APP from Google Play and customize your own user interface
  • Android Car Radio Upgrade】Customization Android system,with 4-Core 1.2Ghz CPU,2GB RAM,ensures smooth operation and faster response,32GB ROM for more apps installed,1280*800 HD Touchscreen fouth-gen IPS display,color richer and display clearer
  • 【Wireless/Wired CarPlay & Android auto】Wireless Carplay and Android Auto connected with Bluetooth,click carLink icon to start CarPlay or Android Auto function or back to main page, Wired contected way with the 6 pin USB cable,very convenient to operate,free your hands,keep you stay focused and enjoy entertained while driving
  • Bluetooth & DSP & WiFi & Dual navigationHands-free calling and answer,making your call more safe when driving,built-in microphone,external microphone is optional, please contact us in need.DSP surround sound processing can customize the best music sound playback effect of different seats according to your needs.Support WiFi or hot spot function,very convenient to download APPs, offline map and so on,suppport internet location and GPS satellite
  • Steering Wheel Control & Dual USB Cables】Package included canbus box,swc cables requires manual wiring,supported car original steering wheel control button programme and customize,double USB cables support charging for 2 devices
Bestseller No. 8
Car Radio for 2015 2016 2017 2018 Subaru Legacy Outback Stereo Upgrade Dash Kit Car GPS Navigation,2+32GB 9" IPS Touch Screen Head Unit with Car-Play & Android Auto/SWC/Rear View (8Core 4+32GB)
  • 【Vehicle Compatibility】This Upgrade Replacement Dash Kit is for 2015 2016 2017 2018 Subaru Legacy Outback. If You Cannot Make Sure Your Car is Suitable or Not, Please Take Photos of The Car Center Console to Us. We Will Answer You In 24 Hours.
  • 【Car-play & Android Auto】Android Car Stereo Built In Apple Car-Play And Android Auto. It Keeps You Up With Useful Features Including An Incredibly Intuitive Way To Access Calls, Music, Video And Apps. It Make Your Driving Easier, Safer And Turn Every Journey Into A Pleasant Experience.
  • 【HD IPS Screen】Android 13.0 OS, Octa Core CPU(4Core/8core) , with 1280*720 high resolution capacitive touch screen offer you a faster, smoother and clear visual experience. Snappy and responsive, just like on an IOS device. With split screen function, you can display two pages at the same time.
  • 【Other Functions】Buit-In 5G Wifi, 4G Lte, Very Convenient To Download Apps. After Connected Wifi, In Here WEGO App, You Can Download Free Map Of Any Country You Need. With Split Screen Function, You Can Display Two Pages At The Same Time.
  • 【1 Year Warranty】The appearance design is avant-garde, which is different from almost the same styles on the market;This Head Unit With A 1-Year Warranty And Provides Professional Technical Support. Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us , We Will Reply Asap And Ensure Your Rights And Interests At All Times.
Bestseller No. 9
[2+64G]Android 13 Car Stereo for Subaru Outback Legacy 2010-2014 with Wireless Apple Carplay Android Auto,9.7" HD Touch Screen Car Radio with GPS Navigation,WiFi,Bluetooth,FM/RDS Radio SWC+Rear Camera
  • 【9.7 Inch Vertical Screen Android 13 Car Radio】This car radio is suitable for Subaru Outback Legacy 2010-2014.The vertical giant touch screen with a 9.7-inch high-definition 1080P display will bring you a good tactile and visual experience. 4 core CPU make faster,1G + 32G memory.Android 13 system, a more advanced system version. Support RCA output/input port, etc. EQ function and subwoofer output.
  • 【Wireless Apple Carplay & Andrioid Auto】 9.7 inch Vertical screen android Subaru Outback Legacy car stereo built-in carplay system, you can choose wired connection or wireless connection to carplay, connect to Apple mobile phone, access mobile phone address book, mail, notification, map navigation, music, video and other information, and realize voice control.Connect Bluetooth, then enter the Car Settings-Android Settings-Network&Internet--Hotspot&tethering--WiFi hotspot--ON.
  • 【Built-in WIFI & GPS Navigation】: 9.7 inch vertical Subaru Outback Legacy car stereo built-in WiFi module, support online/offline maps.After connecting to WiFi,you can download, install and delete over thousands of apps. With WiFi connected, Google Maps/Here we go/Waze/Navfree,etc can be used perfectly, you can go anywhere you want and never get lost again.
  • Steering Wheel Control & AHD Backup Camera】Subaru Outback Legacy Vertical Car stereo with backup camera.Car multimedia player supports original steering wheel control to help you control the car radio more safely and conveniently. Carplay car stereo with backup camera will automatically switch the reversing image when you reverse the car to help you back up safely.
  • 【FM/RDS, Bluetooth 5.0】This multimedia Subaru Outback Legacy radio supports FM87.5-108 frequency, you can listen to real-time road conditions, news broadcasts, weather forecasts, etc. The perfect sound quality of the original car makes you no longer bored driving. Built-in Bluetooth 5.0, supports Bluetooth hands-free calls, Bluetooth music playback, automatic loading of the phone book, automatic loading of records.【Not suitable for Bose speakers
Bestseller No. 10
SYGAV Android 11 Car Stereo for Subaru Forester WRX Impreza Radio Wireless Carplay GPS Navigation HD 1280x720 Touch Screen Android Auto Head Unit
  • High Configuration* The lastest version Android 9.0 Pie Operating System, Rockchip RK3399 PX6 Hexa-Core CPU processor with 4G RAM and 64G ROM, the performance will be more stability, giving you more faster running speed and respond experience.
  • Multi Functions* Support Mirror Link, 3G/4G Network, WiFi, Hands Free phone call, Offline and Online map. Steering Wheel Controls. Google Playstore also came from the stereo, support download most of entertainment app online.
  • Better Display* IPS and Mulit-Touch screen with 1024*600 high resolution display, bring you a visual clearly experience. Unique UI design, redefining the interactive interface, simplify operation process to enhances the reaction speed.
  • Built in DSP* Digital Sounds Processor with 15 bands EQ adjustable and different voice styles optional, you can enjoy a new auditory. 6-channel Audio output converters, support subwoofer output.

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