Squeaking Sound from Brake Pedal – 2019-2022 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid

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NHTSA ID Number: 10209932

Manufacturer Communication Number: 06-86-22


This bulletin announces the repair procedure to address rare cases of the brake pedal emitting a squeaking sound during operation. (Applicable to Plug-In Hybrid only)



This bulletin announces the repair procedure to address rare cases of the brake pedal emitting a squeaking sound during operation. If confirmed, follow the lubrication procedure outlined below.



The production change for Crosstrek Hybrid is currently TBD.



REMINDER: Always order the most up-to-date replacement parts based on the specific VIN being repaired.

Part Description Part Number
Subaru Autolex A Grease SOA868V9700
Clevis Pin 905200018

NOTE: The grease part number required for claim submission purposes is SOA635155.




REMINDER:  Customer satisfaction and retention starts with performing quality repairs.

Before beginning this procedure:

  • Record the customer’s seat memory positions, radio station presets and Navigation favorites (where applicable).
  • While supporting the battery sensor, loosen and disconnect the ground cable terminal to the battery sensor.

1. Remove the lower dash trim panels and related components as necessary for access to the brake stroke sensor arm following the procedures in the applicable Service Manual.

2. Disconnect the brake lamp switch connector.

3. Disconnect the brake stroke sensor connector.

4. Remove the snap pin (a) and clevis pin (b), then separate the brake pedal from the operating rod.



  • When handling the operating rod, never apply excessive force to it.
  • Do not tilt the operating rod over 3° (degrees) as brake booster internals may be damaged.
  • The clevis pin is a one-time use only part and will require replacement.

5. Apply 0.1 grams of Subaru Autolex A grease (SOA868V9700) to a small screwdriver or acid brush.

6. CARFULLY apply the grease between the stroke sensor arm and the sensor bracket. Slight pressure may be applied to the sensor arm during application in order to ensure a thorough coating.

7. Confirm the grease is properly spread. CARFULLY make five lateral movements with the brake pedal, then slightly push the pedal five times. Be sure pedal travel does not exceed 50mm this will prevent any contact with the operating rod.

8. Reassemble ALL components in the reverse order of disassembly.



  • The one-time use only clevis pin MUST be replaced during reassembly.
  • Make sure the clevis pin is inserted in the direction toward the column.
  • A small amount of Subaru Autolex A grease (SOA868V9700) can be used as an installation lubricant.

End of Procedure


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Manufacturer Communications

NUMBER: 06-86-22
DATE: 03/21/22


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