Humming / High Pitch Sound From Drive Line – 2017-2021 Subaru

NHTSA ID Number: 10207215

Manufacturer Communication Number: 03-87-21


This bulletin provides a repair procedure for R152 type rear differentials.



This bulletin provides a repair procedure for R152 type rear differentials.  In some very rare cases, a customer may experience a humming / high pitch sound coming from the undercarriage while driving.  This can be caused by worn differential gear surfaces resulting from hard usage of the vehicle such as extreme weather conditions, severe road conditions, and / or steep incline driving.  A higher viscosity (thicker) gear oil has been introduced to provide additional protection against premature gear surface wear under these unusual driving conditions.



The higher viscosity fluid (75W-90) has been incorporated into production per the table below.

Model Starting VIN
Legacy M3019244
Outback M3197842
Impreza 4-Door M3606662
Impreza 5-Door M3714901
Crosstrek MH321913
Forester MH492693



REMINDER: Always order the most up-to-date replacement parts based on the specific VIN being repaired.

Part Description Part # Type R152 I.D. Numbers Differential Model # Reduction Ratios
38300AC380 43 VB1BAA 3.900(39/10)
38300AC390 44 VB1CAA 4.111(37/9)
38300AC440 E1 VB1AAC 3.700(37/10)


Part Description SOA Item # Description Package Size Warranty Part #
High Performance 75W90 SOA427V1700 Gear Oil Case of 12/1 qt. SOA635301 per qt.
SOA427V1710 16 Gallon Keg

NOTE: The Differential Mount Locking Nuts p.n. 023512000 are one-time use parts.  Refer to the applicable Service Manual and Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) for the quantity requirements.




  • Customer satisfaction and retention starts with performing quality repairs.
  • Please read all the Steps outlined below before proceeding with any work.



Confirm the source of the sound is the rear differential and not from the wheel bearings and drive shafts before proceeding.  It is important to identify the rear differential type to verify applicability before proceeding with any service procedures.  The information below will outline how to identify the differential type.


STEP 1) Locate the identification number located on the rear differential.


(1)  LABEL







STEP 2) Compare the identification number with the part information chart provided on Page #1. Does the identification number match the part information shown?

YES: The rear differential is a R152 type.  Continue to STEP 3.

NO: The rear differential is NOT a R152 type.  Continue diagnosis as per the applicable Subaru Service Manual: Driveline/Axle > Symptoms and causes > INSPECTION.


STEP 3) Refer to the applicable Service Manual and review: General Description > Repair Contents > Action required before & after Battery Disconnect.  Additionally, record any stored seat position(s) before proceeding. Relearn any seat position memory after work is complete.  If the power rear gate (PRG) height has been customized, that position must also be noted and relearned.


STEP 4) IMPORTANT: The new rear differential MUST be filled with the new 75W90 gear oil. The service procedure for rear differential replacement remains unchanged.  Always refer to the applicable Service Manual and review the full requirements of the repair being performed. The Service Manual procedures contain information critical to performing an effective repair the first time, every time.  This includes but is not limited to important SAFETY precautions, proper inspection criteria, necessary special tools, required processes and related one-time-use parts needed for a complete and lasting repair. Refer to the applicable Subaru Service Manual: Driveline/Axle > DIFFERENTIALS > Rear Differential.



  • The Service Manual uses a black star (★) in the component breakdown illustrations to indicate  one-time use parts. For example, T1 and T2 are  self-locking nuts (023512000) and are one-time  use only. See the image to the right.
  • Whenever reconnecting the ground cable terminal to the battery sensor, torque to 7.5Nm  (5.5ft.-lbs. or 66 inch-lbs.) while supporting the  sensor with the other hand as outlined in the  applicable Service Manual under:



20 Affected Products




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Manufacturer Communications

NUMBER: 03-87-21
DATE: 01/14/22

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  • Recommended for conventional and limited slip differentials and non-synchronized manual transmissions where API GL-5 or API GL-4 fluid is specificed
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Lucas Oil 10048 SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Transmission and Differential Lubricant - 1 Gallon
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StarFire Full Synthetic 75W90 Gear Lubricant 5 Gallon Pail
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