Power Steering Hose – New Style – 2000-2002 Subaru Legacy & Outback

NUMBER: 04-11-04
DATE: 01/15/04

APPLICABILITY: 2000~2002MY Legacy Sedan, Wagon and Outback Vehicles w/ 2.5L Engines
SUBJECT: Power Steering Hose – New Style



The purpose of this bulletin is to address an abnormal noise (groan) coming from the power steering pump and/or slight vibration in the steering wheel when turning at very low speeds.



The new style hose assembly was used in production starting in April, 2002 with the following VINs:

VEHICLES VINs Affected (Starting number)
Legacy Sedan 2*215560
Legacy Wagon 2*310501
Outback 2*660215



Part Name New Part Number Old Part Number
Hose Assembly 34610AE09B 34610AE09A



Remove the bolt (A) and clamps (B) that secure the high-pressure power steering hose (Figure 1) and confirm if the abnormal noise and/or vibration have been reduced. If so, leave the clamps off; no further action is required.

high-pressure power steering hose


If the abnormal noise and/or vibration have not been reduced, replace the high-pressure power steering hose with the updated hose, P/N 34610AE09B and leave the clamps off. If, after replacing the hose the abnormal noise and/or vibration is still evident, replace the power steering pump.



For vehicles within the Basic New Car Warranty period, refer to the Warranty Labor Time Guide for claim information.


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