Subaru Battery Drain Product Liability Litigation – 2015-2020 Subaru

NHTSA ID Number: 10226839

Manufacturer Communication Number: 07-207-22R


In the interest of customer satisfaction, Subaru of America, Inc. is extending the New Car Basic Warranty coverage for the 12 Volt batteries used in the above listed models and model years beyond the original three (3) years or thirty six thousand miles (36,000), whichever comes first.


NUMBER: 07-207-22R
DATE: 08/18/22
REVISED: 11/29/22

APPLICABILITY: 2015-20MY Legacy & Outback
2015-20MY Forester
2015-20MY WRX & WRX STI
2019-20MY Ascent
SUBJECT: Subaru Battery Drain Product Liability Litigation



In the interest of customer satisfaction, Subaru of America, Inc. is extending the New Car Basic Warranty coverage for the 12 Volt batteries used in the above listed models and model years beyond the original three (3) years or thirty six thousand miles (36,000), whichever comes first. The extension time and mileage limitations will depend on the battery currently installed in the vehicle and can be referenced below. Please ensure Service Managers and Advisors are familiar with this information and Service Bulletin 07-178-21. Customers have already been notified of this Warranty Extension by mail.



As part of the battery drain class action settlement, Subaru will extend the existing New Car Basic Warranty for both original equipment and replacement batteries for class vehicles.  The coverage will vary based upon whether the original equipment battery or a replacement battery is being tested. The extension is subject to class vehicles as follows:

    • 100% of the battery replacement cost up to 5 years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first, from the in-service date of the Settlement Class Vehicle.
    • 50% of the battery replacement cost for vehicles that have exceeded 5 years or 60,000 miles for a duration of 3 months from the 9/24/22 settlement notice date, regardless of mileage. This 3 month coverage period will expire on 12/24/22.
    • 100% of the battery replacement costs up to five (5) years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first, from the in-service date of the Settlement Class Vehicle, regardless of the number of battery replacements the Settlement Class Vehicle has already received.
    • 80% of the battery replacement costs up to seven (7) years or 84,000 miles, whichever comes first, from the in-service date of the Settlement Class Vehicle.
    • 60% of the battery replacement costs up to eight (8) years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, from the in-service date of the Settlement Class Vehicle.

This Warranty Extension will cover battery testing, charging, and/or replacement for a qualifying battery concern. Determination of necessary repair and coverage will be based on results of the retailer’s administration of the Midtronics protocol and proper diagnostic testing. Per the terms of the Settlement, for any of the coverage percentages above that are less than 100%, the remaining portion would be the customer’s responsibility. The portion of the test, charge, and / or battery replacement the customer’s responsibility CANNOT be submitted as Policy Adjustment (PA).

NOTE: Genuine Subaru Replacement Battery pro-rated coverage based upon the battery installation date is separate from this Warranty Extension coverage and in some cases, may provide additional benefit to the customer. Always review both coverages to ensure the customer receives the maximum benefit from whichever is applied.




Customers who have received notice of this Warranty Extension and are experiencing a qualifying battery concern are required to contact our Settlement Administrator to obtain an authorization number prior to visiting the retailer. ONLY the customer can request an Authorization Code. The Authorization Code provided by the Settlement Administrator is required by a retailer to perform battery diagnostics but does NOT guarantee coverage or battery replacement. Determination of coverage will be made based on the results of the diagnostic test. The alphanumeric code will be all uppercase. See the example below. SBXXX-XXXXX

The Service Advisor must confirm Warranty Extension coverage is potentially available on a vehicle. A retailer should not take any action to test and/or diagnose a battery concern without obtaining a pre-authorization number from the customer.  If the customer does not have a  pre-authorization number, they should be directed to contact the Settlement Administrator before proceeding any further.



Please review the battery identification, charging, and testing information provided in Service

Bulletin 07-178-21 prior to performing any battery testing and/or charging. ALWAYS confirm the Midtronics equipment has the latest software available. Confirm either a Subaru OEM or replacement battery is installed and that there are no after-market electronic components or accessories which could result in exclusion of coverage (see examples in the Warranty section of this bulletin).

For situations where Warranty Extension battery testing is required, Technicians should use the In Vehicle Test application on the DSS-5000 and the In Vehicle Test & Charge application on the DCA8000.  Please refer to the Procedure and Outcome tables below.

The DCA-8000 is the preferred equipment to be used for battery testing. In unique cases when a DCA-8000 is not readily available, the DSS-5000 can be used for initial testing. The testing procedure can then be transferred to the DCA-8000 if needed.

The Battery Warranty Extension will require specific testing. New testing software will be added to the Midtronics DCA-8000 and DSS-5000 specifically for these cases under a new application name, Warranty Extension. This new application must to be used in order to properly submit a claim under this program.  The Authorization Code provided by the Settlement Administrator to the customer will be required to start this program using the Midtronics testing equipment.

IMPORTANT: A new Warranty Extension Application is included in the Midtronics software.


Procedures and Outcomes:


Test Result Test Code Test Procedure
Good Battery 21 Digit Test Code No further testing required
Good Recharge Use DCA 21 Digit Test Code Test using DCA
Charge And Retest Use DCA 21 Digit Test Code Test using DCA
Replace Battery 21 Digit Test Code No further testing required



Test Result Test Code Test Procedure
Good Battery 21 Digit Test Code No further testing required
Good Recharge 21 Digit Test Code Allow DCA to continue through the charge procedure
Bad Cell – Replace 21 Digit Test Code No further testing required
Replace Battery 21 Digit Test Code No further testing required



The DSS-5000 can be used for initial testing or testing when charging is not required. The Authorization Code will be needed prior to testing. This code will be requested after the testing equipment is properly connected and the Warranty Extension icon is pressed. If the test requires charging, the DSS-5000 cannot meet the testing requirements as it does not have charging capabilities.


Continue with the normal test procedures. The possible test results given from the DSS-5000 are “Good Battery”, “Replace Battery”, or the battery requires a further charge.



If the DSS-5000 determines the battery requires replacement or does not require replacement, no further testing equipment will be required. A 21-digit Warranty Extension Test Code will be generated and clickable icon will be displayed on the screen ONLY if testing was completed. When pressed, the Warranty Extension Code will be displayed. This code must be retained and attached to the repair order as it will be required for claim submission.



If the DSS-5000 determine charging will be needed for further diagnostic measures, the DCA-8000 will be needed to continue. When test results determine further charging is needed, a transfer  QR code will be displayed on the screen. This code can be used to transfer vehicle information and charging requirements to the DCA-8000.

The following information is encrypted into the QR Code:

  • Battery Information
  • Vehicle Information
  • Authorization Code
  • Test Timestamp
  • Warranty Extension Code (if applicable)
  • Test Index



1. Carefully connect the testing equipment to the vehicle and press the Warranty Extension icon to continue.


2. The Authorization Code or the QR scan code (if testing is started with the DSS-5000) is required at this point. Enter the required information.


NOTE: In a case when the QR Code is entered from the DSS-5000, a Warning screen will display to confirm the Authorization Code for the vehicle being tested. Click “Yes” if the code is correct.


3. Verify the VIN using the scan tool.


NOTE: In a case where the scanner option is unavailable the VIN can be entered by using the manual entry function.

4. Select the battery type being tested. If the “None of the above” button is selected, the Edit Battery Info menu will be displayed requiring manual entry into the required fields.


Once the battery information is confirmed and accurately entered, select “Continue” to proceed with the battery testing.

CAUTION: In the event of a test or charge being aborted for any reason, a ten-minute time window is displayed. After ten minutes have elapsed, the test must be restarted from the beginning.

5. The DCA-8000 will display the testing results when complete. A 21-digit Warranty Extension Code will be generated. A Warranty Extension Details clickable icon will be displayed on the screen. When pressed, both the Authorization Code and the Warranty Extension Code are displayed in detail. These codes are to be retained and attached to the repair order and will be required for claim submission.



The service procedures for battery replacement remain unchanged. Always refer to the applicable Service Manual and review the full requirements of the repair being performed. The Service Manual procedures contain information critical to performing an effective repair the first time, every time. This includes but is not limited to important SAFETY precautions, proper inspection criteria, necessary special tools, required processes and related one-time-use parts needed for a complete and lasting repair regardless of pass or fail.

Refer to STIS: Engine > STARING/CHARGING SYSTEMS > Battery



  • Refer to the applicable Service Manual and review: General Description > Repair Contents > Action required before & after Battery Disconnect. Additionally, record any stored seat position(s) before proceeding. Relearn any seat position memory after work is complete. If the power rear gate (PRG) height has been customized, that position must also be noted and relearned.
  • NEVER replace an EFB battery with a flooded battery. Use ONLY the battery specified for the vehicle.
  • When testing a new replacement battery, use the After New Battery Install function of either the DSS-5000 or the DCA-8000 to perform the test.
  • When reconnecting the positive battery terminal, torque to 6Nm (2.6ftlbs. or 53.1inch-lbs). When reconnecting the ground cable terminal to the battery sensor, torque to 7.5Nm (5.5ft.-lbs. or 66inch-lbs.) while supporting the sensor with the other hand as outlined in the applicable Service Manual under: STARTING/CHARGING SYSTSEMS > Battery Sensor.



In 2017, there were two Technical Service Bulletins released containing information regarding a battery logic -related reflash (TSBs 11-174-17R & 11-176-17). In addition to the Battery Drain Warranty (BDW) Standard & Enhanced Battery Drain Warranty Extension, the vehicles applicable to these Service Bulletins will also have the Battery Drain Reflash (BDR) Warranty Extension applied. If a vehicle comes into a retailer with a pre-authorization for a qualifying battery concern and the vehicle also has the BDR extension, the retailer should verify whether the reflash has already been performed. This can be done by confirming the current ECM logic, either by checking claim history or by using FlashWrite. Appendix A lists CIDs released after the battery charge logic enhancement. If the vehicle’s current logic is listed in Appendix A, reprogramming is NOT required. If the current logic is not listed in Appendix A, the retailer should perform the reflash. This BDR Warranty Extension will cover the reflash 100% for 8 years/100,000 miles, whichever comes first from the Warranty Start Date of the vehicle

  • Reprogram the ECM following the normal FlashWrite procedure (if required).

Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) highly recommends connecting either the Subaru Midtronics DCA8000 Dynamic Diagnostic Charging System or the Subaru Midtronics GR8-1100 Diagnostic Battery Charger to the vehicle and utilizing the Power Supply Mode feature anytime a vehicle control module is being reprogrammed. Once the Midtronics charger is connected to the vehicle, if the battery is fully charged, it takes less than three (3) minutes to boot-up the charger, select the Power Supply Mode, and have the battery voltage stabilized and ready for reprogramming.



  • IF REPROGRAMMING IS REQUIRED, always note the original Calibration Identification number (CID) the vehicle came in with on the repair order before reprogramming and, make sure to list the NEW CID for any newly-installed programming (as confirmed from the actual control module AFTER installation). The NEW CID MUST also be noted on the repair order as this information is required for entry in the Claims Specific Data area during claim submission.
  • For instructions on using the power supply mode, reference the applicable User Manual for the Midtronics DCA-8000 Dynamic Diagnostic Charging System and the Midtronics GR8-1100 Diagnostic Battery Charger on STIS.
  • Confirm all electrical loads such as lights, audio, HVAC, seat heaters, and rear defroster are all switched OFF before setting up the charger for Power Supply Mode.
  • Select the correct battery type (Flooded, EFB, Gel, AGM or AGM Spiral).
  • Input the CCA which matches the vehicle’s battery. NOTE: OE and replacement batteries have different CCA ratings. Always confirm the battery’s CCA rating before proceeding.
  • If using a DCA-8000 Dynamic Diagnostic Charging System, set the power supply voltage to 13.5 volts.
  • DO NOT connect the DST-i or DST-010 until the Power Supply mode function has completed its battery test mode and the Charging Voltage has dropped to and shows a steady 13.5 Volts on the display.
  • Once Power Supply Mode reaches a steady 13.5 volts, connect the DST-i or DST-010 to the OBD connector and proceed with initiating the normal FlashWrite reprogramming process.
  • Amperage will fluctuate based upon the vehicle’s demand for power. NOTE: If the voltage rises beyond 14V while programming is in process, the procedure will abort. This can indicate a need to test or charge the vehicle battery before any further attempt at programming is made.

REMINDER: If the DCA-8000 or GR8-1100 indicates the vehicle’s battery must be charged, charge the battery fully before proceeding to reprogram the vehicle while using the Power Supply Mode. NOTE: Control module failures resulting from battery discharge during reprogramming are not a matter for warranty. Should any DTCs reset after the reprogramming update is performed, diagnose per the procedure outlined in the applicable Service Manual.



This information is applicable to the Subaru Midtronics DCA-8000 Dynamic Diagnostic Charging System and the Subaru Midtronics GR8-1100 Diagnostic Battery Charger ONLY. It does not apply to any other brand / type of “generic” battery charger whatsoever. ONLY the DCA-8000 and the GR81100 and their Power Supply Mode feature have been tested and approved by SOA.


Exclusions for Certain Aftermarket Electronic  Components and Owner – Caused Failures

The parties agree that a Class Vehicle with any of the following after-modified electronic components shall be precluded from the benefits of the Settlement Agreement:

  1. Aftermarket audio components including audio systems, equalizers, amplifiers, and subwoofers
  2. Aftermarket remote engine starter or remote keyless entry
  3. Aftermarket security or immobilizer devices
  4. Aftermarket air suspension systems
  5. Aftermarket video entertainment systems.

For purposes of the Settlement Agreement and this exhibit, the term “Aftermarket” shall mean items not installed at a Subaru retailer. If the component or item was installed at a Subaru retailer then it cannot be used as an exclusion under the settlement.

The parties further agree that Class Vehicles shall be precluded from the benefits of the Settlement Agreement where the service records provide evidence that the Settlement Class Member caused the battery issue by (1) leaving vehicle exterior/interior lights on overnight; and or (2) leaving powered devices connected to any vehicle power outlet overnight while the vehicle is not being operated.

NOTE: Salvage or Total loss branded vehicles are NOT eligible for coverage.


Appendix A


NOTE: The CID information from 11-174-17R & 11-176-17 is included in the table below.

Model MY Specification CID ECM Part Numbers
Legacy & Outback 17 2.5NA MT EB4I503A 22765AK49D
EB4I504A 22765AK49E
EB4I50ZA 22765AK49E
EB4I530A 22765AK49F
EB4I550A 22765AK49G
2.5NA CVT EB4I504B 22765AK50D
EB4I505B 22765AK50E
EB4I50YB 22765AK50E
EB4I530B 22765AK50F
EB4I550B 22765AK50G
2.5NA CVT EB4I503C 22765AK48D
EB4I50YC 22765AK48A
EB4I504C 22765AK48E
EB4I50XC 22765AK48E
EB4I530C 22765AK48F
EB4I550C 22765AK48G
3.6NA CVT DB4I502D 22765AK31C
DB4I530D 22765AK31D
DB4I540D 22765AK31E
DB4I550D 22765AK31F
16 2.5NA CVT EB4I312A 22765AJ13C
EB4I313A 22765AJ13D
EB4I31ZA 22765AJ13D
EB4I330A 22765AJ13E
EB4I350A 22765AJ13F
2.5NA CVT EB4I312C 22765AJ14C
EB4I313C 22765AJ14D
EB4I31ZC 22765AJ14D
EB4I330C 22765AJ14E
EB4I350C 22765AJ14F
2.5NA CVT EB4I312B 22765AJ15C
EB4I313B 22765AJ15D
EB4I31ZB 22765AJ15D
EB4I330B 22765AJ15E
EB4I350B 22765AJ15F
3.6NA CVT DB4I311D 22765AJ17B
DB4I330D 22765AJ17C
DB4I340D 22765AJ17D
DB4I350D 22765AJ17E


Model MY Specification CID ECM Part Numbers
Legacy & Outback cont. 15 2.5NA MT EB4GA02A 22765AF34E
EB4GA03A 22765AF34F
EB4GE00A 22765AF34G
EB4GH00A 22765AF34H
2.5NA CVT EB4GA02B 22765AF35F
EB4GA03B 22765AF35G
EB4GE00B 22765AF35H
EB4GH00B 22765AF35J
2.5NA CVT EB4GA02C 22765AF36F
EB4GA03C 22765AF36G
EB4GE00C 22765AF36H
EB4GH00C 22765AF36J
2.5NA CVT EB4GA02c 22765AK16D
EB4GA03c 22765AK16E
EB4GE00c 22765AK16F
EB4GH00c 22765AK16G
3.6NA CVT DB4GA01D 22765AF45D
DB4GE00D 22765AF45E
DB4GG00D 22765AF45F
DB4GH00D 22765AF45G
WRX 17 2.0DIT MT LF79101P 22765AK382
LF79101P 22765AK383
LF79102P 22765AK384
LF79103P 22765AK385
LF79120P 22765AK386
2.0DIT CVT LF79101N 22765AK392
LF79101N 22765AK393
LF79102N 22765AK394
LF79110N 22765AK395
16 2.0DIB MT LF75402H 22765AH613
LF75402H 22765AH614
LF75403H 22765AH615
LF75404H 22765AH616
LF75600H 22765AH617
2.0DIT CVT LF75402G 22765AH623
LF75402G 22765AH624
LF75403G 22765AH625
LF75500G 22765AH626


Model MY Specification CID ECM Part Numbers
WRX cont. 15 2.0DIB MT LF75402S 22765AG238
LF75402S 22765AG239
LF75403S 22765AR960
LF75404S 22765AR961
LF75600S 22765AR962
2.0DIB CVT LF75402T 22765AG248
LF75402T 22765AG249
LF75403T 22765AR970
LF75500T 22765AR971
Forester 17 2.5NA MT EB4L012X 22765AH832
EB4L01XX 22765AH832
EB4L100X 22765AH833
2.5NA CVT EB4L012W 22765AH852
EB4L01XW 22765AH852
EB4L100W 22765AH853


Appendix B


The following Claim Reimbursement information is being supplied here as reference for Subaru Retailers. No action is required of Subaru Retailers related to this. All reimbursements will be managed through the Settlement Administrator (JND). Additional information and frequently asked questions are available on the settlement website, at

Customers can also call SOA at 855-606-2625.


Subject to proof and certain conditions, customers who have not been fully reimbursed by SOA or a third party are entitled to reimbursement of a certain percentage of repairs as listed in the matrix chart below.

  • Subaru will reimburse for:
    • Testing and diagnosis performed by a SOA retailer
    • Towing services related to battery condition
    • Battery replacements
Matrix of Reimbursement Payments
Number of Owner Paid Repairs Within 3 years/36,000 Within 5 years/60,000 Within 7 years/84,000 Within 8 years/100,000
1 120% 100% N/A N/A
2 140% 125% 100% 55%
3 165% 140% 120% 100%

      Third party battery reimbursement is allowed ONLY when previously presented to a Subaru retailer and/or the customer previously contacted the Customer Advocacy Department (CAD).


      Owners who experienced two or more battery failures within 5 years/60,000 miles and incurred out-of-pocket cost related to battery failure, are entitled to reimbursement if:

  • The subject vehicle is undrivable as a result of a battery failure and the expenses were incurred within 48 hours of the failure.
  • Expenses may be reimbursed up to and including the day on which the vehicle was returned to the owner by the service center.
  • Recoverable expenses include:
    • Hotel expenses, if incurred not less than 50 miles from the vehicle’s state registered address
    • Meals, if incurred not less than 50 miles from the vehicle’s state registered address
    • Certain equipment purchased to sustain battery operation
    • Other expenses reasonably related to the battery failure.
  • Owners are entitled to a single-use Subaru coupon for $140.00 that is valid for one year from the Notice Date.
  • Owners who have already received reimbursement for prior goodwill are excluded for further reimbursement except for the remaining reimbursement amount.

SOA will reimburse for qualifying expenses if:

  • The claim is submitted to Subaru no later than 60 days after the 10 business days which appellate review of the judgment has expired.
  • There is documentation or receipts of the proof of the repair.
  • The claim was not previously reimbursed by SOA, Subaru retailer or any other third party.


32 Affected Products


SUBARU WRX 2015-2020
SUBARU WRX STI 2015-2020


1 Associated Document

Manufacturer Communications

NUMBER: 07-207-22R
DATE: 08/18/22
REVISED: 11/29/22

MC-10226839-0001.pdf 3459.63KB




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  • [Wide Application] This 12V battery load tester can only be powered on once it is properly attached thanks to a safe passive testing approach. You may test the batteries of a number of vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, trucks, RVs, ATVs, SUVs, boats, yachts, lawnmowers, and even golf carts, without needing to charge the device first.
  • [3 Testing Function] A battery health test will determine whether or not the battery is in excellent operating order. A cranking test will determine whether or not the electrical system has sufficient power to start the engine. Check to see that the charging current, rectifier diode, and generator are all functioning normally. This handy auto battery analyzer makes sure your summer road trips won’t end on a flat.
  • [Ergonomic Features] To help you rapidly determine the health of the battery, this load battery tester is built with three different colors of LEDs. It's easy to use because it operates through a menu system. Additionally, for a reliable and secure connection during the testing process, premium-quality copper clamps have polarity reverse prevention and spark proof features.
  • [Great Choice] The TOPDON BT100 is small and compact, making it simple to keep in a glove box or center console. This battery load tester's rapid and precise results will enable you to decide whether your car battery needs to be replaced or jump-started making it an excellent choice for auto shops, garages, and DIY users who frequently check batteries.
Bestseller No. 8
AUTDER 12V/24V Digital Car Battery Tester, Battery Condition Tester & Alternator Charging System Analyzer, Automotive Voltmeter with LCD Display and LED Indication, Lead Length 23.6 Inches
  • 🚗 Reliable Battery Testing: The AUTDER AD-808 battery tester is designed for testing both 12V and 24V batteries for a wide range of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, trucks, RVs, ATVs, SUVs, boats, yachts, mowers, and even golf carts. The accuracy of the car battery voltmeter is close to 0.01V, providing reliable results
  • 🔥 Alternator Charging System Analysis: In addition to determining whether a vehicle battery needs replacement or a jump, the AD-808 can also test the status of the alternator output to prevent damage to the battery from overcharging or incomplete charge
  • 🎯 Easy to Use: With its intuitive design, the AD-808 has three gear modes for testing the alternator, 12V battery, and 24V battery respectively. In the middle gear, the LCD screen displays the real-time voltage while the LEDs indicate the alternator status. Shifting to the 12V or 24V gear displays the real-time voltage on the LCD screen and the LEDs indicate battery status
  • 👍Protection Features: The AD-808 comes equipped with reverse-hookup protection, preventing damage to the device in case of an incorrect connection. Additionally, the voltage test range is 4-30V DC, and when voltage is out of range, the screen displays 'LO' (<4V) or ‘HI’ (>30V), ensuring protection against over-voltage
  • 🙂Package and After-Sales Service: Each package includes the AD-808 battery tester, alligator clamps, a cigarette lighter plug adapter cable, and a user manual. We provide one year of warranty service and 24-hour online support. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us
SaleBestseller No. 9
AstroAI Digital Multimeter, TRMS 4000 Counts Auto-Ranging Ohmmeter Voltmeter 1.5v/9v/12v Battery Voltage Tester Measure Voltage Current Resistance Diodes Continuity Capacitance with NCV Function
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS - The AstroAI M4K0R Multimeter accurately measures AC/DC voltage to 600V, Current to 10A, Resistance to 40MΩ. You can use it for continuity test, diode test, battery test and live wire test. Includes 1.5V, 9V and 12V battery test modes to easily test a wide variety of batteries. Multimeter light turns red for low voltage and green for enough voltage.
  • NON-CONTACT - Fully safe non-contact voltage testing with sound and light alarms. You can detects AC voltage without the use of test leads. Uses NCV function:When the Meter senses a strong AC signal, the red indicator light will turn on and the buzzer will emit a quick beep.
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - Support Data Hold, Max, Auto Shut-off, low battery indicator and continuity buzzer. Includes Convenient features like Audial and Visual Alarm, LCD Backlit Screen and Flashlight make it easy to use. Two 1.5V AAA batteries are included in the package.
  • ENSURES SAFETY - Double ceramic fuse is anti-burn and protects from overloading. The multimeter has passed overvoltage category III 600V safety standards. The silicone cover is able to protect the multimeter from failing damage and prevent electric shocks.
  • ADDITIONAL TIPS - This Multimeter is designed to troubleshoot a variety of automotive and household electrical problems safely and accurately. It’s a suitable tool if you want to do some household or commercial improvements whether DIYers or Hobbyists. Combined with Amazon's excellent delivery, we provide lifetime technical support.
Bestseller No. 10
KINGBOLEN BM550 6V 12V 24V Car Battery Tester, 100-2000 CCA Voltage Tester 2Ah-220Ah Internal Resistance Tester Accurate Digital Auto Battery Analyzer for Cars Trucks SUV ATV Boats Motorcycles Vehicle
  • 【6V 12V 24V Battery Tester】KINGBOLEN BM550 battery tester can test all 6V 12V 24V 100-2000 CCA car batteries, support 2Ah-220Ah(need to enter the corresponding CCA value on the battery), including regular flooded(Regular battery), AGM flat plate(AGM tablet battery), AGM spiral(AGM winding battery), GEL and EFB batteries, battery analyzer for cars trucks etc.( Not suitable for deep cycle batteries )
  • 【Practical Car Battery Analyzer】BM550 car battery analyzer can quickly and accurately display multiple data of the car battery. It can test the SOH (state of health) and SOC (state of charge) of the battery, easily test 100-2000 CCA, internal resistance test and voltage test. With our battery tester, you can easily grasp the current state of your car battery and avoid accidents.
  • 【Simple Operation & Accurate Data】The results of the battery test are based on the CCA standard, which can be quickly and accurately displayed on the 1.8-inch HD screen, allowing you to quickly know the status of the battery.You can test the batteries both in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle, which is very convenient.
  • 【Safe design & Safe Use】The battery tester adopts Reverse Connection Protection. If you accidentally reverse the two wires, don't worry, the battery tester will not work at this time to prevent the internal circuit from burning, which can well protect the equipment and the long-term use of the car battery.(If the clip is not properly clamped,the screen will flicker)
  • 【Plug and Play】It is simple to use, just connect the clip of the battery tester to the car battery correctly and it can start working, whether the battery is in vehicle or out of vehicle, or a dead battery can be tested.Simple and effective tool designed for DIY enthusiasts, car factories, garages, car battery manufacturers and more.Start your test now!

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