Loose or Missing Fog Lamp Covers – 2012-2014 Subaru Impreza

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NHTSA ID Number: 10234849

Manufacturer Communication Number: 1216114


Loose or Missing Fog Lamp Covers


NUMBER: 12-161-14
DATE: 01/15/14

APPLICABILITY: 2012MY-2014MY and Later 2.0L Impreza Models
SUBJECT: Loose or Missing Fog Lamp Covers



This bulletin provides a service procedure for improving the retention of the fog lamp covers into the front bumper cover.  If you receive a customer report of a loose, dislodged or missing fog lamp cover or bezel and there is no damage found on the front, bottom, or sides of the front bumper cover, the information in this bulletin may be applicable.

NOTE: If one side is affected, both sides must be repaired.  The spacers must be added to any replacement covers before installation into vehicles prior to the VIN breaks below.



The size of the retaining tab openings in the front bumper cover has been reduced to improve retention of the fog lamp cover starting with the following VINs:

  • 4-door Models: E*011070
  • 5-door Models: E*237022



P.n. 57739FJ000 consists of 6 rubber spacers to repair both fog lamp covers on 1 vehicle.



Adhesive: 3M #08217

Adhesion Promoter: 3M #05907

Mixing Nozzles: 3M #08193

Applicator: 3M 08571 (or equivalent)


NOTE:  This applicator and the mixing nozzles are the same as recommended in TSB 12-143-12.

All of these 3M items are readily available from most auto body supply stores.



  • Remove the 3 plastic clips and one screw from the front portion of the front splash shield.
  • With the shield pulled down to gain access, reach in behind the bumper cover and carefully push on the upper inner corner fog light cover retaining tabs. While doing this, insert a plastic trim tool in the same spot on the outside of the bumper and twist to release the retaining tabs at that location.  Take your time and be careful not to damage the bumper cover finish.  Once the retaining tabs in the upper inside corner are released, the fog light cover removes easily.
  • Refit the splash shield into position then reinstall the 3 plastic clips and retaining screw.
  • Thoroughly clean the inside of the retaining tabs where the adhesive will be applied with a mild solvent or degreaser product like RM #900 Pre-Kleano (or equivalent).
  • Apply the adhesion promoter to the inside surfaces of the 3 retaining tabs on each fog lamp cover as shown in the illustrations below.
  • Make sure the spacers are also cleaned and ready to apply as once mixed, the adhesive has a relatively short working time of only about 3 minutes.
  • Apply the adhesive to the inside of the retaining tabs then immediately position the rubber spacers on the inside of the retaining tabs as shown in the illustrations below.
  • At room temperature, the adhesive is fully cured in about 60 minutes.
  • Once the adhesive is cured, reinstall the fog lamp covers in the reverse order of removal to complete the repair.


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Manufacturer Communications

NUMBER: 12-161-14
DATE: 01/15/14


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