Procedures for Updating the Head Unit Operating Software – 2015-2016 Subaru

 NUMBER: 15-182-15R
REVISED: 08/11/15

APPLICABILITY: 2015MY Legacy, Outback, Impreza & XV Crosstrek
2016MY WRX
Models with Fujitsu-Ten (F10) Navigation System
SUBJECT: Procedures for Updating the Head Unit Operating Software


This bulletin announces a procedure for updating the navigation / audio unit’s operating system software. The following list of symptoms and related changes provides a brief description of which customer concerns the updates are intended to address.  If the reported customer concern is not identified in the following information, performing the update procedure will not address it.  It is important to read through and understand this information completely before proceeding.



  • Symptom 1: Audio output is lost after a few minutes when listening to Sirius/XM satellite radio.

Change:  Logic update to provide proper Sirius/XM satellite radio operation.


  • Symptom 2: Bluetooth feature becomes inoperative.

Change:  Logic update to provide proper Bluetooth feature operation.


  • Symptom 3: HD Radio “freezes” after a few minutes of play.

Change:  Logic update to provide proper Sirius/XM satellite radio operation.


  • Symptom 4: Back-Up Camera “help lines” do not appear.

Change:  Logic change to have the assist lines appear 8 seconds from engine start.


  • Symptom 5: Map location is inconsistent between Navigation display and iPhone when using the iPhone’s Google Maps with the phone connected to the USB port in console.

Change:  Logic update to show correct vehicle location on iPhone.


  • Symptom 6: Roads or interchanges have the same name displayed multiple times.

Roads or interchanges have the same name displayed multiple times

Change:  Logic change to show only one road or interchange name at the same time.


  • Symptom 7: Navigation function is slow to start when selected.

Change:  Logic change to eliminate Navigation system slow-starting condition.


  • Symptom 8: No map display with key or ignition in “ACC” (accessory) position.

Change:  Logic change to allow Navigation system operation in accessory ACC mode.


  • Symptom 9: No voice guidance provided from Navigation system after selecting a route unless the ignition is cycled off and back on again.

Change:  Logic change to stop voice guidance “Mute” function from defaulting to “ON”.


  • Symptom 10: Steering wheel switch controls are inoperative with an iPod (MP3) player connected to the USB.

Change:  Logic change to allow proper steering wheel (satellite) switch functionality.


  • Symptom 11: Incorrect Umlaut characters are shown on StarLink display.

Incorrect Umlaut characters are shown on StarLink display

Change:  Logic change to allow proper display of Umlaut letters.


  • Symptom 12: No response from the soft touch keys on display.

Change:  Logic change to improve communication between display and internal CPU.


  • Symptom 13: Back-Up Camera is displayed with shifter in positions other than Reverse.

Change:  Logic change to allow display with shifter in Reverse only.


  • Symptom 14: “Line Diag” screen is intermittently displayed while driving.

“Line Diag” screen is intermittently displayed while driving

Change:  Logic change to prevent display of the “Line Diag” screen.


  • Symptom 15: “LIST” soft touch key is not displayed on Bluetooth Audio screen while using Bluetooth audio feature with an Apple device utilizing iOS8 software version.

“LIST” soft touch key is not displayed on Bluetooth Audio screen while using Bluetooth audio feature with an Apple device utilizing iOS8 software version

Change:  Logic change to enhance compatibility with iOS8 software.


  • Symptom 16: “Beep” sound heard when touching the bottom of the display screen where no function soft touch keys are displayed.

“Beep” sound heard when touching the bottom of the display screen where no function soft touch keys are displayed

Change:  Logic change to eliminate beeping sound from inactive soft touch key screen areas.


  • Symptom 17: Sirius/XM caution message screen is displayed in English even when French language operation settings are selected.

Sirius/XM caution message screen is displayed in English even when French language operation settings are selected

Change:  Logic change to make all messages display in the selected operating language.


  • Symptoms 18-22: The following symptoms are all related to the inability of the software to properly load.  One or all of these 5 conditions may occur at the same time..  Logic changes have been included in the applicable update to address each of the following conditions:
    • Repeated display of the “Loading” screen at initial unit start-up
    • Bluetooth device pairing failure
    • Inoperative steering wheel (satellite) switches
    • Voice recognition feature inoperative
    • Sirius/XM radio feature inoperative.

The following symptoms are all related to the inability of the software to properly loadLoading Screen


The following information provides procedures for verifying the current head unit operating software version number and when required, accessing and installation of the applicable update files. The affected F10 Navigation unit part numbers and Faceplate ID numbers are listed below.

Legacy & Outback 86271AL66A FB664US
86271AL64A FB644US
Impreza & XV Crosstrek 86271FJ630 FM634US
WRX 86271VA630 FV631US



Faceplate ID number



The new logic was incorporated into production according to the table below:

FB664US F3025503 F3237248 9/29/2014
FB644US F3027006 F3240780 10/6/2014
FM634US F*011328 F*248058 N/A



2 empty 2GB, USB 2.0 storage devices (flash drives) will be needed to perform these updates. The devices should be dedicated to storing and transferring these updating files only. They also need to be no more than 4GB in size and contain a FAT32 file format before downloading update files onto them.

2 empty 2GB, USB 2.0 storage devices (flash drives)



IMPORTANT REMINDER:  Read through and understand this procedure COMPLETELY before proceeding further.

Step 1: Version Check Procedure

Before proceeding with any updates, the currently installed software version must be determined.  If the latest software version (or later) is already installed, no updates are necessary.  The Version ID numbers for this procedure are found in the Version Check List table shown below.  If the Version ID

numbers identified during the Version Check procedure are prior to (or lower than) those shown on the table, proceed with the remainder of the software update beginning with Step 3.

  • Switch the unit into “Diagnosis Mode” by pressing and holding the HOME button while pressing the “AUDIO/TUNE” button 5 (five) times.

Press “AUDIO/TUNE” button 5 times

Press “Service Information”

  • Press “Service Information”

Press “Version Information”

  • Press “Version Information”

Press “Push” next to AVN

  • Press “Push” next to AVN

Verify the current versions

  • Verify the current versions according to the “Version Check List” table shown below on page 6. Use the down arrow to scroll to the bottom of the list for complete verification.
  • If the software version is current (NU9011 for Legacy/ Outback NU9106 or higher for Impreza/ Crosstrek or NU9203 for WRX), press and HOLD the HOME button to exit the Diagnostic Mode to complete the procedure as no updates are necessary. If no updates are necessary then continue your diagnosis of the customer concern.  If the Version ID numbers are prior to (lower than) those shown on the table below, proceed with Step 2, preparing the USB memory (Flash Drives) on page 7 then Step 3, the software update procedure on page 10.

NOTE: If you determine the updates are necessary, the Version Check procedure will need to be performed again after the update installation to confirm the procedure was successful (Step 5, pg. 17).

Version Check List

PRODUCT NUMBER 86271AL64A & 86271AL66A 86271FJ630     86271VA630
NOR NU9011 NU9106 NU9203
eSD NU9011 NU9106 NU9203
POWER 02.4026 02.4026 02.4026
CAN 14.0012 n/a n/a
POWER BOOT 02.4017 02.4117 02.4117
POWER VCL 02.0103 63.0105 69.0105
DB NU9011 NU9106 NU9203

After performing the Version Check procedure, if updates are determined to be necessary, you will need the 2 USB flash drives referenced above to download the Update Files onto.  All the F10 update files are accessible for downloading from Subarunet under:

Service>>Forms / Downloads>>Downloads for Audio/Navi page then clicking on the following hyperlink:

Click Here to Access the Downloads for Audio/Navigation Information on Subarunet

F10 update files

The Subarunet page shown above will display and contains links to the update files 1 & 2 for each model head unit.

NOTE: Do not download any files at this point. The file download procedures are supplied later in this bulletin. The flash drives must be formatted before the Update Files can be downloaded onto them.  Proceed to Step 2 below for the flash drive formatting procedure.


Step 2:  Prepare the USB Memory (flash drive)

VERY IMPORTANT:  Before attempting to download any data files, confirm the PC and flash drives you are using are not infected with any virus.  The flash drives will need to be formatted for FAT32 following the steps below.


USB Flash Drive Formatting Procedure:

  • Install a flash drive into an available USB port on your PC.
  • Click Start (this is located in the lower left corner of the desktop screen) then, in the Search Search
    programs and files box,
    type “explorer”.

Search programs and files box

NOTE: On SDS Notebook you may also press the My Documents button on the GUI Home Screen.

  • As you type the word “explorer”, search results will start to appear. In the results, click on the “Windows Explorer” option under the Programs section.

“Windows Explorer” option

  • In the next window, choose the Computer section on the left. Locate “Removable Disk

Locate “Removable Disk”

NOTE: Always confirm the device you are formatting is the USB Flash Drive.  This drive may have various names assigned to it by the manufacturer of the device and may not reflect the drive name given in this example.

  • Right click the picture for “Removable Disk” then select “Format”.

select “Format”

  • When the “Format” dialog box appears, make sure that the option labeled “File System” is set to FAT32 and the Quick Format box is checked as well. Then, click the “Start” button.

click the “Start” button

  • Click “OK” when the following window appears.

Click “OK”

  • The drive will start formatting and display this window when it is finished. Click “OK” to complete the process.

Click “OK”

  • Repeat the procedure above for the second flash drive.


Step 3:  File Download Procedure:

Now that the 2 flash drives have been formatted, the two Update Files must be downloaded, one to each flash drive as shown in the table below.  Label the flash drives L/O1 and L/O2 for Legacy / Outback,  I/X1 and I/X2 for Impreza / XV Crosstrek and W/1 and W/2 for WRX.  Download the Update Files to your PC from the Subarunet links.  The updates must be installed in order, drive “1” first followed by drive “2”.  NOTE:  Each downloaded Update File may contain 1 to 3 individual files.

The screenshots below will take you through the steps required to get the selected Update Files onto your flash drives and ready to use. Update File sizes are quite large and depending on the speed capabilities of the computer you are using, may take some time to complete the download.


Double-click on the file you want to download and it will begin the transfer to your computer automatically.

You may receive the warning below during the file download. Click on the drop down next to Discard and Keep the file.

Once the download is complete, you will need to locate the Update File, unzip it then save the unzipped version to your USB flash drive (Update File #1 onto drive “1”, Update File #2 onto drive “2”).  NOTE:  If you have not already done so, follow the procedure (Step 2 starting on page 7) for re-formatting (removing any existing files) your flash drive.  Plug the “clean” flash drive into your computer.

  • Go to your Windows Start screen, select “Computer” (or click on My Documents if you are using the SDS Toughbook) then click on “Downloads”.

locate the Update File

locate the Update File

  • Once your list of downloaded files opens, locate and click on the downloaded Update File (in this example, “OU9103_USB…”) you are looking for. TIP: If you click on Date Modified you can sort the downloaded files by the date they were added which will bring the newest file to the top.

click on the downloaded Update File

  • Double clicking the Update File will bring up a dialogue box with a security warning. Click on “Run” to continue.

Click on “Browse”

  • As shown below, click on “Removable Disk” which is your USB flash drive where you want the unzipped file(s) to be saved. Click “OK” then click on “Unzip”.

Click “OK” then click on “Unzip”.

  • The Update File will unzip and be saved to your flash drive.

The Update File will unzip and be saved to your flash drive

  • Confirm the Update File (and flash drive) is ready to use by going back to Start > Computer (or My Documents on the SDS Toughbook) and double clicking on “Removable Disk” to display the drive’s contents as shown in the examples below.  Some Update Files will consist of just 1 item but others may list 3.  All of the files will have a “.kwi” extension at the end of their file name.  If OK, proceed with Step 4: Update Software Installation below.

REMINDER: Each downloaded Update File may consist of 1 to 3 individual items as shown in these screenshots.

REMINDER: There can only be ONE Update File stored on each flash drive or the update procedure will not work. If you see more than one Update File stored, start over by re-formatting the flash drive again and reloading the Update File you are trying to install.



  • Do not change the Update File names after downloading them.
  • Do not save any other version Update Files onto the flash drives.
Legacy / Outback FB664US NU9011_USB_1st.exe NU9011_USB_2nd.exe
Impreza / XV Crosstrek FM634US NU9106_USB_1st.exe NU9106_USB_2nd.exe
WRX FV631US NU9203_USB_1st.exe  NU9203_USB_2nd.exe


Step 4:  Update Software Installation

NOTE: Because of the time it takes to perform these updates, SOA recommends connecting the Midtronics GR8 Diagnostic Battery Charger to the vehicle and utilizing the Power Supply Mode

feature when performing these updates. Once the GR8 is connected to the vehicle, as long as the battery is fully charged, it takes less than 3 minutes to boot-up the charger, select the Power Supply Mode, and have the vehicle’s battery voltage stabilized and ready for updating.

VERY IMPORTANT: This information is applicable to the Midtronics GR8 Diagnostic Battery

Charger ONLY. It does not apply to any other brand / type of “generic” battery charger whatsoever. ONLY the GR8 and its Power Supply Mode feature has been tested and approved by Subaru of

America, Inc. (SOA). If the GR8 indicates the vehicle’s battery must be charged, charge the battery using the GR8 before proceeding to update the audio unit while using the Power Supply Mode.

Once the GR8 has been connected and Power Supply Mode initiated, insert the Drive “1” into the USB port and follow the steps below to install the Update File #1.

NOTE: Where applicable, record any radio station presets as they will be lost along with any mobile device pairing during this procedure.


Version Update Procedure

  • Turn the ignition / key (ACC) “ON”.

Press the “AUDIO/TUNE” button

  • Press the “AUDIO/TUNE” button.

The Select Audio Source screen will appear.

Select Audio Source screen will appear

Install the flash drive into the vehicle’s USB port.  After the flash drive is recognized, the USB icon will illuminate.

After the flash drive is recognized, the USB icon will illuminate

  • Once the USB icon is illuminated, switch the unit into “Diagnosis Mode” by pressing and holding the HOME button while pressing the “AUDIO/TUNE” button 5 (five) times.

switch the unit into “Diagnosis Mode” by pressing and holding the HOME button while pressing the “AUDIO/TUNE” button 5 (five) times

Press “Service Information”

  • Press “Service Information”

Press “Program Update”

  • Press “Program Update” then follow the sequence shown in the screen shots below
follow the sequence shown in the screen shots
Wait for “OK” to activate (turn black) Press “OK” Press “SELECT”


NOTE:  The “OK” button will not activate (turn black) if the wrong Update File(s) are on the flash drive.  Re-format the flash drive and reload the proper Update Files starting from the beginning of  Step 2.

follow the sequence shown in the screen shots
Press “OK” Once the updating starts, the status bar
may need to complete more than once
and could take up to about 15 minutes.
Turn off ACC

Update Error

If the progress bar stops, please wait 15 minutes. If the progress bar does not change even if after 15 minutes, turn ACC OFF and back ON again then, restart the update procedure from Step 4.


IMPORTANT:  Do not turn the ACC (ignition / key) off or disconnect the flash drive from the USB port during updating.

  • Once the update completes successfully, turn the ACC off, WAIT 30 SECONDS then turn it back on again.
  • After the unit boots back up, the “Updating software” screen and its status bar will be displayed. This update may take up to 5 minutes to complete.

“Updating software” screen

When the Software Update completes, the unit will restart automatically.  Once the STARLINK opening screen is displayed, remove the flash drive from the USB port and turn the ACC off. Before proceeding further perform Step 1 (Version Check Procedure) again to confirm the updated software installation “from Drive 1” was successful.  When the update is successful, the software version (NOR) NU9011 for Legacy and Outback, NU9016 for Impreza and XV Crosstrek and NU9203 for WRX and the CAN version 14.0012 (Legacy and Outback only) will be displayed.  If OK, proceed with installation of the Drive “2” update (repeat Step 4, Update Software Installation).  If the updated versions are not displayed, Step 4 using Drive “1” must be repeated.

NOTE: If the CAN version displayed after the Drive “1” update is B2.0105, turn the ignition OFF, wait at least 1 minute, turn the ignition back ON and perform Step 1 (Version Check Procedure) again to confirm 14.002 is displayed.

Once the software and CAN version updates are confirmed, insert Drive “2” to install Update File #2 and repeat Step 4.


Step 5: Version Check Procedure

As mentioned earlier on page 6, once both update software installations are complete, the Version Check procedure must be performed again to confirm all of the updates have been installed successfully.

  • Switch the unit into “Diagnosis Mode” by pressing and holding the HOME button while pressing the “AUDIO/TUNE” button 5 (five) times.

Press “AUDIO/TUNE” button 5 times

  • Press “Service Information”

Press “Version Information”

  • Press “Service Information”

Verify the current versions

  • Press “Push” next to AVN

Press “Memory Initialization”


  • Verify the current versions according to the “Version Check List” table shown on page 6. Use the down arrow to scroll to the bottom of the list for complete verification.


Step 6: Memory Clear Procedure

After confirming both software updates have been installed successfully, the Memory Clear procedure must be performed to complete the update procedure.  After pressing “Back”, the following screen will be displayed:

NOTE: All presets will likely be lost and will need to reset after performing this procedure.

Memory Clear procedure


  • Press “Memory Initialization”

Press and HOLD the “OK” button until the screen shown below is displayed (5 to 10 seconds)

  • Press and HOLD the “OK” button until the screen shown below is displayed (5 to 10 seconds).

This screen will be displayed for about 1 minute while the unit restarts

This screen will be displayed for about 1 minute while the unit restarts.  After restart, the Loading screen and its status bar will be displayed.  After the status bar completes, the Main Menu screen will be displayed.  To complete the updating procedure, you must go through the series of Initial Setup screens, reset the radio station presets and re-pair any mobile devices (where applicable). NOTE:  After confirming the updates are complete, remove the labels and re-format both flash drives to clear any remaining files so they are ready for use the next time.  This reduces the chances of inadvertently combining files the next time the drives are used.  It also ensures that every repair receives the very latest software as these files will be updated from time to time whenever a newer version is released.


For vehicles within the Basic New Car Limited Warranty period or with an active Added Security Gold Service Agreement, this repair may be claimed using the following information:


NOTE: Up to $12.00 may be claimed ONE TIME in sublet to cover the cost for the 2 USB Flash Drives ($6.00 each).

REMINDER:  SOA strongly discourages the printing and/or local storage of service information as previously released information and electronic publications may be updated at any time.

Always refer to STIS for the latest service information before performing any repairs.

NUMBER: 15-182-15R
DATE: 06/17/15
REVISED: 08/11/15

Download (PDF, 2.85MB)


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  2. I can not find the link to download the update for updating the Head Unit Operating Software – 2015-2016 Subaru. On the page it states “Click Here to Access the Downloads for Audio/Navigation Information on Subarunet” but it sends me to Amazon. Any help is appreciated

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