DTC B2513, Revised Power Rear Gate (PRG) Diagnostics – 2014-2018 Subaru Forester

NHTSA ID Number: 10161829

Manufacturer Communication Number: 07-154-19


This Service Information bulletin provides a revised Step to follow when diagnosing a DTC B2513- LATCH CONDITION FAILURE. The number of wiring checks found in Step 9 has been reduced from six to three as shown in the illustration below. The Service Manual will be updated with these revisions in the near future.


Initialization Procedure for Power Rear Gate (PRG) System – 2014 Subaru Forester

NUMBER: 07-76-13R
DATE: 07/01/13
REVISED: 07/08/13


APPLICABILITY: 2014MY Forester Models
SUBJECT: Initialization Procedure for Power Rear Gate (PRG) System when PRG is inoperative with or without DTCs

DTCs B2500, B2501, B2507, B2508, B2509, B2513, B2523, B250B present.



This Bulletin provides a more detailed review of the procedures for re-initializing the PRG system which is already outlined as part of the Service Manual diagnostics.  If you receive a customer concern of an inoperative power rear gate, after confirmation of the concern, perform the following initialization procedures first to see if normal operation can be restored.  It is important to do this before further troubleshooting is done or replacing any suspected components as this condition may not be the result of a component failure.