Initialization Procedure for Power Rear Gate (PRG) System – 2014 Subaru Forester

NUMBER: 07-76-13R
DATE: 07/01/13
REVISED: 07/08/13


APPLICABILITY: 2014MY Forester Models
SUBJECT: Initialization Procedure for Power Rear Gate (PRG) System when PRG is inoperative with or without DTCs

DTCs B2500, B2501, B2507, B2508, B2509, B2513, B2523, B250B present.



This Bulletin provides a more detailed review of the procedures for re-initializing the PRG system which is already outlined as part of the Service Manual diagnostics.  If you receive a customer concern of an inoperative power rear gate, after confirmation of the concern, perform the following initialization procedures first to see if normal operation can be restored.  It is important to do this before further troubleshooting is done or replacing any suspected components as this condition may not be the result of a component failure.



  1. With the ignition “OFF”, open the PRG manually using a fluid motion (no light flash or beep should occur).
  2. Carefully (slowly) close the rear gate until the first audible “click” of the rear gate latch mechanism is heard then immediately let go of the rear gate. The auto closer function will then operate to complete the rear gate closing / latching This will also complete the initialization process.  If the auto closer function is inoperative, diagnose per the applicable Service Manual.
  3. After the PRG is fully closed, operate either the Gate Opener switch, the Gate Inner (close) switch, remote keyless access switch or the Interior PRG Open/Close switch to the verify the automatic opening and closing operation.
  4. If the PRG condition persists, record the radio station presets (and navigation system favorites, if applicable).
  5. IMPORTANT :  Record any codes currently in PRG memory as the next step will clear them.
  6. Disconnect the positive and negative cables from the vehicle’s battery, touch the 2 cable ends together creating a capacitive discharge which will clear the memory. Reconnect the cables to the battery, reset all radio presets (and navigation favorites, if applicable) then confirm normal PRG operation.

If the PRG operates normally following either of the initialization procedures, the condition was likely the result of conflicting user inputs, power loss, or similar outside influences.  If the PRG still does not operate properly, utilize any codes pulled from the system and follow the rest of the diagnostic procedures beginning on page PRG(diag)-2 of the 2014 Forester Service Manual.



For vehicles within the Basic New Car Limited Warranty period, this repair may be claimed using the following information:

NOTE:  Only ONE of the Labor Operation numbers below is to be used.

PRG Re-Initialization Procedure (Steps 1 – 3) A850-971 UPY-43 0.2
PRG Re-Initialization Procedure (Steps 1 – 6) A850-972 UPZ-43 0.4

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