Squeak, Squeal, or Chirp Sound Serpentine Drive / Accessory Belt – 2013-2014 Subaru Legacy & Outback

NUMBER: 02-156-14
DATE: 05/27/14

APPLICABILITY: 2013-14MY Legacy and Outback
2.5L N/A FB Engine Models
SUBJECT: Service Part Number Change to the V-Belt (Serpentine Drive / Accessory Belt) to Address A Squeak, Squeal, or Chirp Sound



This bulletin announces a service part number change for the V-Belt (serpentine drive/accessory belt) applicable to the vehicles specified above. This part is being replaced to address a slip-type sound (squeak, squeal or chirp) due to a production variation found in the original belt.  If presented with one of the above listed vehicles exhibiting this condition, replace the existing V-Belt (serpentine drive/ accessory belt) with the new part number shown below.


High-Pitched “Chirp”, “Squeak” or “Cricket” Sound from the Engine – 2013-2014 Subaru BRZ

NUMBER: 09-54-12R
DATE: 10/03/12
REVISED: 09/27/16


SUBJECT: High-Pitched “Chirp”, “Squeak” or “Cricket” Sound from the Engine



This bulletin provides a procedure to address customer concerns of a high-pitched “chirp”, “squeak” or “cricket” sound heard coming from the engine’s Direct Injection (DI) high-pressure fuel pumpNot all DI pumps may exhibit this sound.  Some vehicles may have components which in combination with certain fuel temperatures and / or formulations, may result in aeration of the fuel within the body of the pump and cause this sound.  This result is non-detrimental to the vehicle.  Production changes have been made to eliminate the source of the sound.

IMPORTANT:   A “clack” or mechanical “ticking” sound also made by operation of the highpressure fuel pump is considered to be a normal operating characteristic and no attempt should be made to repair it.