Film Residue Removal from Underside of Front Seat Cushion Covers – 2010 and Later Subaru Legacy & Outback

NUMBER: 12-164-14
DATE: 02/24/14


APPLICABILITY: 2010MY and later Legacy and Outback Models
SUBJECT: Film Residue Removal from Underside of Front Seat Cushion Covers



In the event you receive a customer concern of what may feel like bumps or foreign matter trapped under the seat cushion upholstery, a film applied to the underside of the fabric backing to help ease initial assembly (DOW Film) may be separating and starting to gather or “ball-up”.  This condition is caused by abrasion between the film and the seat cushion foam that occurs when getting in and out of the vehicle.  The film residue is easily removed and removal of it is not detrimental to the appearance or durability of the upholstery.  This information is applicable to both leather and cloth seat cover materials.