Rust Treatment Procedure for Heat Shield Retaining Bolt Heads – 2015 Subaru

NUMBER: 09-59-14R
DATE: 11/18/14
REVISED: 07/27/15


APPLICABILITY: 2015MY WRX Models with 2.0L DIT Engine
2015MY Legacy and Outback 2.5L
SUBJECT: Rust Treatment Procedure for Heat Shield Retaining Bolt Heads



This bulletin provides a treatment procedure to address a customer concern of rust developing on the front exhaust pipe heat shield retaining bolt heads as shown in the illustrations below.





Application of heat resistant anti-corrosion material to the bolts was incorporated into production per the table below:

WRX F*813768
Legacy F3041702
Outback F3279751



1  –  12 ounce aerosol can of silver or aluminum color High Heat Engine Enamel.  During the development of this bulletin, Dupli-Color # DE1615 Aluminum Engine Enamel aerosol spray was used.  This product is available at most major auto parts retailers.

Dupli-Color # DE1615 Aluminum Engine Enamel


1  –  BRASS wire bristle detail brush.  CAUTION: Stainless bristles are likely to be too aggressive and may damage the coating applied to the surrounding heat shield material.

BRASS wire bristle detail brush


1  –  Scotchbrite surface conditioning pad.



Paint Masking materials consisting of masking tape and paper to protect the surrounding components from overspray.

masking tape



  • Clean the rust from the bolt heads using the Scotchbrite pad. Follow-up with the brass brush to get into the tight corners where the bolt head contacts the sheet metal of the heat shield along with the bolt threads and retaining nuts on the underside.

Clean the rust from the bolt heads using the Scotchbrite pad


  • Raise the vehicle and remove the plastic front under cover (and the aluminum frame under cover on WRX models).

Clean the rust from the bolt heads using the Scotchbrite pad


  • CAREFULLY mask the areas surrounding the bolt heads as shown in the photos below. Taking your time with this step will minimize the need for having to remove overspray later.  Test the spray pattern of the can on a piece of waste cardboard to get a “feel” for the spray pattern before applying the paint to the bolt heads.  Dupli-Color recommends 2 light coats then a wet top coat to finish leaving about 10 minutes flash time between each.  These instructions may vary depending on the manufacturer of the product being applied.

mask the areas


  • Once the application is complete and the paint dry, remove the masking tape and paper.
  • If there is any overspray which needs to be removed, mild solvent applied to a clean shop cloth will remove it easily before the paint has time to fully cure. A completed repair is shown above.

completed repair


  • Reinstall the aluminum frame and plastic engine under covers in the reverse order of removal. Torque the 4 bolts securing the aluminum frame under cover to 25 N-m (18.4 ft. lbs.).
  • Do a final check to confirm all the masking materials and any remaining overspray have been removed to complete the procedure.



For vehicles within the Basic New Car Limited Warranty period, this repair may be claimed using the following information:

Exhaust Shield Bolt Rust Treatment Procedure A229-244 YNT-48 0.7

NOTE:  Up to $5.00 can be claimed in sublet to cover the cost of the paint and masking materials.

REMINDER:  SOA strongly discourages the printing and/or local storage of service information as previously released information and electronic publications may be updated at any time.  Always refer to STIS for the latest service information before performing any repairs.



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