Front Lower Control Arm (Transverse Link) Corrosion – 2002-2007 Subaru Impreza (Except STI) 2003-2008 Forester

NHTSA ID Number: 10199955

Manufacturer Communication Number: WVX-34R


Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) has determined that affected vehicles listed, may have been manufactured with front lower control arms (transverse links) that could corrode in the hanger bracket area if exposed to salt for a prolonged period.


Nov 2011


Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) has determined that affected vehicles, listed below, may have been manufactured with front lower control arms (transverse links) that could corrode in the hanger bracket area if exposed to salt for a prolonged period of time. If the vehicle is operated for an extensive period in a “salt-belt” area (see list of states below that use salt extensively on the roads in the winter), continued exposure to salt could cause the lower control arm hanger brackets to rust and eventually break. If one or both were to break due to rusting, control of the vehicle could be affected without prior warning, possibly resulting in a crash.

This recall will involve inspecting and testing the current condition of the front lower control arms. If both are found to be acceptable, as a preventative measure it will be necessary to apply anti-rust materials to the areas of concern. If either control arm is found to be unacceptable, both will require replacement.



Certain 2002-2007 model year Subaru Impreza (except STI) vehicles and 2003-2008 model year Subaru Forester vehicles whose owners either currently reside in, or the vehicle has ever been registered in, at least one of the following “salt-belt” states:

Connecticut Maine New Hampshire Vermont
Delaware Maryland New Jersey West Virginia
District of Columbia Massachusetts New York Wisconsin
Illinois Michigan Ohio
Indiana Minnesota Pennsylvania
Iowa Missouri Rhode Island


Affected vehicles are identified in the VIN range chart below.  NOTE: Not all vehicles within the range are affected. Coverage for all affected vehicles must be confirmed by using the Vehicle Coverage Inquiry function at


2002 – 2007MY Subaru Impreza Models
VIN Ranges
Model From To
2002MY Sedan 2*500015 2*531625
Wagon 2*800021 2*837226
2003MY Sedan 3*500001 3*513811
Wagon 3*800001 3*814065
2004MY Sedan 4*500001 4*525189
Wagon 4*800001 4*818981
2005MY Sedan 5*500001 5*526332
Wagon 5*800001 5*818981
2006MY Sedan 6*500009 6*526779
Wagon 6*800007 6*822263
2007MY Sedan 7*500002 7*526052
Wagon 7*800001 7*819619


2003 – 2008MY Subaru Forester Models
VIN Ranges
From To
2003MY 3*700001 3*772626
2004MY 4*700002 4*768073
2005MY 5*700001 5*755629
2006MY 6*700001 6*760060
2007MY 7*700001 7*748362
2008MY 8*700002 8*733308


*Various Characters may occupy this position.


Dealer Affected VIN lists: Dealers will be sent an affected VIN list for all model years around the time owner notification letters begin mailing. Affected VIN lists are created and “dealerized” as follows:

  • Original vehicle owners are assigned to the original selling dealer when their current  address is within a 100 mile radius of that dealer.
  • If the original selling dealer code was found to be inactive, the VIN has been assigned  to the nearest active dealer.
  • For any new owners or when original owners live more than 100 miles from the original  selling dealer, the VIN has been assigned to the nearest active dealer.


Important: Dealer affected VIN lists include owner name and address information for vehicles affected by this recall. This information will enable dealers to follow-up with owners of potentially affected vehicles. The lists contain owners’ names and addresses obtained from State Motor Vehicle Registration Records. The use of such motor vehicle registration data for any other purpose is unlawful. Accordingly, dealers are urged to limit the use of these lists for the purpose of completion of this safety recall.



Notification letters will be sent to owners of vehicles who either currently reside in, or the vehicle has ever been registered in, at least one of the “salt-belt” states.


WVX34 Owner Notification Mailing Schedule

2002-2003MY On 11/21/11 All model years  On or Around 11/28/11
2004-2006MY On 12/5/11
2007-2008MY On or About 12/19/11


A copy of the Owner Notification Letter is included at the end of this bulletin.



Notification letters will only be mailed to owners of vehicles that currently reside in, or the vehicle has ever been registered in, at least one of the “salt-belt” states.

After release of this recall, vehicles previously registered in a non-“salt-belt” state may relocate into a “salt-belt” area. In some cases, the vehicle may be registered in a “non-salt belt” state, and driven in a “salt-belt” area. These vehicles may not show coverage when checked using the Vehicle Coverage Inquiry in Subarunet. SOA requests that dealers located in “salt-belt” states check all vehicles within the affected VIN range for recall coverage. If it is determined that an owner of a vehicle, within the affected VIN range, relocates or uses his or her vehicle in a “salt-belt” area, dealers are requested to contact the Subaru Claims Helpline at 1-866- 782-2782 and request the VIN be added to the WVX-34 recall affected list. The dealer should then perform this procedure on the vehicle at no cost to the customer.



Dealers are to promptly service all vehicles subject to this recall at no charge to the vehicle owner regardless of mileage, age of the vehicle, or ownership.

For affected vehicles sold after the date on the dealer’s computer list, dealers are to contact those owners and provide them with a copy of the owner notification letter.  They should also arrange to make the required correction according to the instructions in the service procedure section of this bulletin.


Vehicles in Dealer Inventory

Dealers are also to promptly perform the applicable service procedures defined in this bulletin to correct all affected vehicles in their inventory (new, used, demo).  Additionally, whenever a vehicle subject to this recall is taken into dealer new or used inventory, or is in the dealership for service, necessary steps should be taken to ensure the recall correction has been made before selling or releasing the vehicle.

New or used vehicles listed in a recall/campaign that are in dealer stock must be:

  • Immediately identified.
  • Tagged or otherwise marked to prevent their delivery or use prior to inspection and/or repair.
  • Inspected and/or repaired in accordance with instructions outlined in the Product Campaign Bulletin.


Any Authorized Subaru Dealer failing to perform the applicable service procedures defined in this bulletin to correct all affected vehicles in their inventory (new, used, demo) prior to the vehicle being placed in service may be subject to civil penalties of up to $6,000 per violation (i.e., for each vehicle), as provided in 49 USC §30165(a) of the Safety Act, and will also be in breach of the Subaru Dealer Agreement.



Special Tools

Equipment will be sent to dealers as indicated in the following schedule:

On or about November 7, 2011 On or about November 21, 2011


Punch Tester:

Each dealer that has been identified as having vehicles affected by this recall in their area will automatically be shipped, at no cost, one Punch Tester.

WVX34 Punch Tester SOA635099


Rust Proofing Spray Equipment:

Each dealer that has been identified as having vehicles affected by this recall in their area will automatically be shipped, at no cost, one rust-proofing spray gun set that contains a spray gun with air pressure regulator along with two pots and necessary lines, nozzles and wands.

The following is a list of replacement parts available for the WVX34 spray gun:

WVX34 Spray Gun Kit – complete SOA876009
Replacement Parts
WVX34 Repl Flex 360 degree Wand SOA876010
WVX34 Repl 90 degree Handle Wand SOA876011
WVX34 Repl Pot and Cap SOA876012
WVX34 Repl Air Pressure Reg SOA876013


Rust-proofing Materials:

NOTE: The rust-proofing material is packaged in boxes of 2-one quart containers (1 container of Nox-Rust® X-210 and 1 container of Nox-Rust® R-576-108). Each box contains enough material to treat 5 vehicles.

Prior to the release of this recall, only dealers located in affected “salt-belt” states will automatically be shipped two cases of rust-proofing material. This provides enough material to treat 60 vehicles. It will be necessary for dealers located outside of affected “salt-belt” states to order rust-proofing material as needed.

Additional quantities of the rust-proofing material are available through the “Genuine Subaru Automotive Chemical” program. In order to maintain an adequate part supply, SOA requests that Dealers only order quantities necessary to satisfy anticipated demand.

Note: SOA will notify owners who either purchased or at one time resided in a “saltbelt” state. Some of these owners may no longer live in a “salt-belt” area. In these cases, it will be necessary for dealers located outside the “salt-belt” area to order materials to rust-proof these affected vehicles.

All Rust-proofing material Case Quantity (6) Nox-Rust® X-210 (6) Nox-Rust® R-576-108 SOA868V9355


For claim reimbursement purposes, dealers should use the following part number, which represents rust proofing materials sufficient for one vehicle application:

All Rust-proofing Material (non-orderable part number for claim purposes only) SOA635098 1


Replacement Front Lower Control Arms:

The following kits contain both left and right lower control arms along with replacement lock nuts.


Impreza Wagon

Part Kit – 20090FE000.  The following parts are included in the kit. Do not order parts separately.

Impreza Wagon Front Lower Control Arm Kit 20090FE000
The kit contains the following components:
1 Arm Sub-Assy (RH)  20219FE000
1 Arm Sub-Assy (LH) 20219FE010
2 Self Lock Nut 023508000
2 Self Lock Nut 902350006
2 Self Lock Nut 20207AA000


Impreza Sedan & Forester

Part Kit – 20090SA000 (The following parts are included in the kit.  Do not order parts separately.)

Impreza Sedan & Forester Front Lower Control Arm Kit 20090SA000
The kit contains the following components:
1 Arm Sub-Assy (RH) 20219SA000
1 Arm Sub-Assy (LH) 20219SA010
2 Self Lock Nut 023510000
2 Self Lock Nut 902350006
2 Self Lock Nut 20207AA000



Repair procedure in PDF below


12 Affected Products




1 Associated Document

Manufacturer Communications

DATE: Nov 2011
REVISED: 07/26/21

MC-10199955-0001.pdf 4195.776KB




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