Information regarding Warranty Extension for MPT Clutch and/or other CVT Repairs – 2019-2020 Subaru Ascent

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NHTSA ID Number: 10249607

Manufacturer Communication Number: 16-146-24R


In the interest of providing continued customer satisfaction, Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) is implementing Warranty Extensions and additional benefits for owners and lessees of certain 2019- 20MY Ascent models.


NUMBER: 16-146-24
REVISED:  01/30/24

SUBJECT: Information regarding Warranty Extension for MPT Clutch and/or other CVT Repairs



In the interest of providing continued customer satisfaction, Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) is implementing Warranty Extensions and additional benefits for owners and lessees of certain 201920MY Ascent models. These measures address specific concerns related to the TR690 Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Please ensure Service Managers and Advisors are familiar with this information and Service Bulletin 16-136-22 and Recalls WRK-21, WRK-22, and WUV-07. Customers will be notified of these Warranty Extensions, and other relief available under the terms of the relevant class action settlement agreement by mail. See Appendix A for additional information about the settlement relief.



The Powertrain Limited Warranty Extension extends the original Powertrain Warranty period to eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, to cover specific occurrences of shudder, judder and vibration issues related to the Multi-Plate Transfer (MPT) clutch, as specified in Service Bulletin 16-136-22 and components damaged because of a malfunctioning MPT clutch. The extended coverage period will run from the vehicle’s original warranty start date and end after eight (8) years or one hundred thousand (100,000) miles, whichever comes first. This Warranty Extension covers repair work performed by an Authorized Subaru Retailer to address such MPT clutch-related issues. This Warranty Extension is transferable during its coverage period.

If presented with a vehicle covered by this Powertrain Limited Warranty Extension and a customer has a concern of shudder, judder and/or vibration issues, Technicians must follow the diagnostic procedure as outlined in Service Bulletin 16-136-22.

Repair Type Warranty Extension
One-time repair regarding MPT clutch Powertrain Limited Warranty 8 Years – 100,000 Miles



The Authorized Genuine Subaru Replacement Parts & Accessories Limited Warranty is extended with respect to certain TR690 CVTs and MPT Clutch replacement parts to two years, regardless of mileage, or for the period of coverage remaining for the particular part under the Subaru New Vehicle Limited Warranties, whichever is longer. This Limited Parts Extended Warranty coverage applies to:

  • MPT Clutch and CVT parts and components replaced pursuant to the repairs noted in Service Bulletin 16-136-22, and
  • TR690 CVTs and CVT components replaced pursuant to, or before the release of, Recalls WRK-21, WRK-22, or WUV-07.

This extended warranty is transferable during its coverage period.

Repair Type Warranty Extension
The one-time repair does not rectify the fault. Limited Warranty for Genuine Subaru Replacement Parts and Accessories Extended from 1 year to 2 years

NOTE: ALWAYS perform a Vehicle Coverage Inquiry on Subarunet to determine eligibility for these Warranty extensions before proceeding with any inspection or repair. See sample inquiry result below.

There is no mandatory inspection required for these Warranty Extensions. Only those vehicles where the customer is currently experiencing a concern with the CVT should be inspected. However, if a vehicle has an open WRK-21/22 Recall, that Recall MUST be performed.

IMPORTANT: These Warranty Extensions are subject to the same terms and conditions set forth in the Powertrain Limited Warranty and the Authorized Genuine Subaru Replacement Parts &

Accessories Limited Warranty. These Warranty Extensions are only applicable to original equipment, Genuine Subaru Replacement Parts, and Genuine Subaru replacement CVT assemblies including those remanufactured by SOA. They do not apply to salvage yard CVTs, rebuilt salvage vehicles, or CVTs which have been overhauled, remanufactured or rebuilt by parties other than those approved by

SOA. See the individual vehicle Warranty coverages for further details as outlined in the applicable Warranty and Maintenance Supplement booklet or the Subaru Claims Policies and Procedures Manual.



When a customer presents a vehicle for consideration of repairs to be covered by this Warranty

Extension, the standard terms of the Powertrain Limited Warranty or Authorized Genuine Subaru Replacement Parts & Accessories Limited Warranty that will apply. As mentioned above, retailers must always confirm coverage before proceeding by performing a Vehicle Coverage Inquiry on If a customer presents with a CVT concern outside of the terms of these Warranty Extensions, contact the Claims Team and review for possible alternative coverage.

The procedure for MPT Clutch and CVT inspection and replacement is unchanged from the currently applicable Service Manuals and Service Bulletins. Always refer to the applicable Service Manual and review the full requirements of the repair being performed. The Service Manual procedures contain information critical to performing an effective repair the first time, every time. This includes but is not limited to important SAFETY precautions, proper inspection criteria, necessary special tools, and required processes needed for a complete and lasting repair.


Appendix A


The following Claim Reimbursement information is being supplied here as reference for Subaru Retailers. No action is required of Subaru Retailers related to this. All reimbursements will be managed through the Settlement Administrator (JND). Additional information and frequently asked questions are available on the settlement website, at

Customers can also call the Settlement Administrator at 877-871-0321 or at inquire by e-mail at



Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) acknowledges the need to support owners and lessees of Settlement

Class Vehicles who have incurred specific out-of-pocket expenses prior to the issuance of the Class Settlement Notice. This support comes in the form of a reimbursement program for costs related to obtaining a Qualifying CVT Repair for issues such as shudder, judder, or vibration linked to the MPT clutch. Additionally, a one-time voucher of $400 or $750 toward the purchase of a new vehicle, service, and merchandise/parts may be available for owners or lessees who experienced multiple qualifying CVT issues.



  1. Eligibility and Scope:
    • Former and current owners and lessees of Settlement Class Vehicles who paid out-of-pocket for a Qualifying CVT Repair performed by an Authorized Subaru Dealer before the Notice Date are eligible for reimbursement.
    • This reimbursement covers the unreimbursed cost of the Qualifying CVT Repair upon submission of sufficient proof.
    • The program also includes reimbursement for properly documented diagnostic fees paid out-of-pocket under the Recall.
  2. Limitations:
    • Settlement Class Members are not entitled to compensation for any forms of consequential damages not explicitly covered under the Settlement Agreement.
    • The Qualifying Repair must not have been necessitated by abuse, a collision or crash, vandalism, or other impacts.



Class Members with multiple documented qualifying CVT complaint visits (excluding Recall-related visits) are eligible for a one-time voucher. Two visits qualify for a $400 voucher, and three or more visits qualify for a $750 voucher. The voucher can be used towards vehicle sales, service, and merchandise/parts. In order to qualify for a voucher, a qualified class member MUST be a current or former owner/lessee of a Class Vehicle as of the Notice Date. Qualified class members MUST provide proof of at least two previous instances of presenting the vehicle to an Authorized Subaru Retailer for a Qualifying CVT Voucher Failure. The voucher value will depend on the number of qualifying repair visits. Vouchers MUST be used with one year of the issuance and are nontransferable. Recall-related visits or repairs do not count towards voucher eligibility.



  1. Claim Submission:
    • Claims must be submitted online or mailed to the Settlement Administrator within 90 days post the Notice Date.
    • Claims should include a properly completed Claim Form.
  2. Proof of Eligibility:
    • For claims not addressed to the claimant or for vehicles not identified by VIN on the Class Notice, proof of being a Settlement Class Member is required.
    • Proper proof demonstrating the right to receive compensation or reimbursement under the terms of the Settlement Agreement is mandatory.
    • If there has been previous partial reimbursement from SOA, an Authorized Subaru Dealer, or any third party, claims may only be made for the unreimbursed portion of the expenses.

NOTE: Compensation is contingent upon the Court’s final approval of the Settlement Agreement. Settlement Class Members are encouraged to ensure all documentation is complete and accurate to facilitate the processing of their claims.


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Manufacturer Communications

NUMBER: 16-146-24
DATE: 01/22/24
REVISED: 01/30/24

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