Wind “Rushing” or “Fluttering” Sound from “B” Pillar Area – 2015-2016 Subaru Legacy & Outback

NUMBER: 12-185-15R
DATE: 05/21/15
REVISED: 01/07/2016

APPLICABILITY: 2015-2016MY Legacy and Outback Models
SUBJECT: Wind “Rushing” or “Fluttering” Sound from “B” Pillar Area



This bulletin provides a repair procedure to address a wind rushing and / or fluttering-type sound originating from the “B” pillar area of the vehicle.  The sound is usually reported to be more prevalent when crosswinds are present and / or at highway speeds.  The procedure involves the installation of a longer, 320mm piece of butyl adhesive to secure the upper front corner area of the rear door frame weatherstrip.  To address customer concerns of a wind rushing sound coming from the front and / or rear door sash area, see TSBs 12-176-14R and 12-177-14R.