Cleaning of Painted Surfaces Affected by Pollen

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NHTSA ID Number: 10240110 Manufacturer Communication Number: 12-249-23R Summary This bulletin announces the recommended cleaning procedures to followed when encountering vehicles with long time exposure to pollen on painted surfaces on vehicles imported from Japan. This bulletin does not apply to SIA built vehicles.   NUMBER: 12-249-23R DATE:  05/05/23 REVISED:  07/11/23 APPLICABILITY: All MYs and All Models … Read more

Remanufactured Automatic Transaxle Program – 1990-2012 Subaru

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NHTSA ID Number: 10234261 Manufacturer Communication Number: 166399R Summary Remanufactured Automatic Transaxle Program   NUMBER: 16-63-99R DATE: 08/05/00 REVISED: 12/12/12 APPLICABILITY: 1990-2012MY All Models with Automatic Transmission SUBJECT: Remanufactured Automatic Transaxle Program   INTRODUCTION Subaru of America, Inc. has extended the availability of remanufactured automatic transmissions to include most Subaru models starting from 1990MY vehicles. This includes most … Read more

New Silicone Gasket Remover Product and Silicone Sealants; Precautions, Reminders – All Subaru

NUMBER: 02-159-15 DATE: 02-04-15 APPLICABILITY: All Subaru Models SUBJECT: New Silicone Gasket Remover Product Announcement and Silicone Sealants; Precautions, Reminders     INTRODUCTION This bulletin provides new product information along with some reminders and proper precautions to take when removing and applying silicone-type sealants during engine component repairs and replacements.   PART INFORMATION Always refer to … Read more