Ignition Coil and High Tension Cables – 1999-2008 Subaru



APPLICABILITY: 2000MY and Later Legacy/Outback 2.5L SOHC Vehicles
1999MY and Later Impreza and
Forester 2.5L SOHC Vehicles
SUBJECT: Ignition Coil and High Tension Cables



When diagnosing for misfire code(s) P0301, P0302, P0303 and/or P0304 there is the possibility that the ignition coil and/or high tension cables could be the cause. In addition to the information published in the service manual, use the following procedure to check the ignition coil and high tension cables.


New Silicone Gasket Remover Product and Silicone Sealants; Precautions, Reminders – All Subaru

NUMBER: 02-159-15
DATE: 02-04-15

APPLICABILITY: All Subaru Models
SUBJECT: New Silicone Gasket Remover Product Announcement and Silicone Sealants; Precautions, Reminders



This bulletin provides new product information along with some reminders and proper precautions to take when removing and applying silicone-type sealants during engine component repairs and replacements.


Coolant Overflow – 1999-2008 Subaru

NUMBER: 09-52-08
DATE: 08/19/08

APPLICABILITY: 1999MY and later Impreza & Forester
2000MY and later Legacy & Outback
2006MY and later Tribeca
SUBJECT: Coolant Overflow



If you encounter a vehicle which experiences coolant coming out of the coolant reservoir tank, it may be caused by the radiator cap pressure valve being stuck open by debris sucked up through the reservoir tank hose.  As the cooling system cools down, it sucks coolant back into the radiator.  If there is debris that settles to the bottom of the reservoir tank, the hose is low enough to also suck them back into radiator. This causes the radiator cap not to seal, allowing excessive amount of coolant to escape overflowing the reservoir tank.  If this condition continues over time, there will not be enough coolant in the system to maintain proper engine temperature.


Cold Clutch Judder – 1999-2003 Subaru

NUMBER: 03-51-02R
DATE: 05/01/03

APPLICABILITY: All 1999~2002MY and some 2003MY 2.5L Vehicles;
All 2002MY and some 2003MY 2.0L WRX Vehicles
SUBJECT: Cold Clutch Judder (revised bulletin)



In the event you encounter a customer concern of cold clutch judder that goes away after the first few applications, replacement of some clutch parts will be necessary to repair the vehicle. Prior to replacing these parts, you should confirm the engine and transmission mounting is not broken, loose, or misaligned.