Remote Engine Starter (RES) / Intermittent Horn Beeping Discontinued Part Number H001SAL003 – 2019 Subaru Outback & Legacy / Key Start Ignition

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NHTSA ID Number: 10219467 Manufacturer Communication Number: 15-299-22 Summary This bulletin announces an application change to the Remote Engine Starter (RES) control unit on 2019 Outback & Legacy models.   NUMBER: 15-299-22 DATE:  08/02/22 APPLICABILITY: 2019 MY Outback & Legacy / Key Start Ignition SUBJECT: Remote Engine Starter (RES) / Intermittent Horn Beeping Discontinued Part Number H001SAL003 … Read more

Customer Takeover after STARLINK Telematics Remote Engine Start (RES) Request – 2019-2022 Subaru

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NHTSA ID Number: 10203869 Manufacturer Communication Number: 15-281-21R Summary This bulletin will focus on the Remote Engine Start (RES) takeover process and potential customer concerns which may arise when taking over operation of the vehicle after starting it using the Gen2 STARLINK Telematics RES feature.   NUMBER: 15-281-21R DATE: 3/25/21 REVISED: 11/02/21 INTRODUCTION: This Service Information Bulletin … Read more

STARLINK Remote Engine Start (RES) Diagnostic Information – 2019-2022 Subaru Equipped with Gen2 Telematics

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NHTSA ID Number: 10237241 Manufacturer Communication Number: 15-282-21R Summary This Bulletin announces additional diagnostic procedures and a detailed flow chart to be used when diagnosing customer concerns regarding the operation of the STARLINK Remote Engine Start (RES) feature.   NUMBER: 15-282-21R DATE:  03/29/21 REVISED:  05/04/23 APPLICABILITY: All 2019-22MY Vehicles Equipped with Gen2 Telematics SUBJECT: STARLINK Remote EngineRead more

DTC B2A16 – 2019-2024 Subaru

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NHTSA ID Number: 10249606 Manufacturer Communication Number: 15-251-19R Summary This Service Bulletin provides additional diagnostics to follow when addressing a Telematics-related DTC B2A16.   NUMBER: 15-251-19R DATE: 09/26/19 REVISED: 01/11/24 APPLICABILITY: 2020-24MY Legacy and Outback 2019-24MY Impreza 2019-24MY Crosstrek / Crosstrek Hybrid 2019-24MY Forester 2019-24MY Ascent All Models as Listed with Gen 2 & Gen 3 Telematics … Read more

Remote Engine Start (RES) System Fob Programming Procedure – 2020 Subaru Legacy & Outback

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NHTSA ID Number: 10166903 Manufacturer Communication Number: 15-252-19R Summary This Service Information Bulletin provides the procedure for programming the RES fobs used with the H001SAN100 Remote Engine Starter accessory installed on (turn) Key Start -equipped vehicles. Use this procedure whenever programming (or re-programming) a fob is needed.     NUMBER: 15-252-19R DATE: 10/01/19 REVISED: 10/11/19 INTRODUCTION: This … Read more